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California DA Declines Charges For Mike Tyson After Allegedly Punching Airline Passenger

A California District Attorney declined to file charges against legendary boxer Mike Tyson after he was caught on video allegedly punching a passenger on a flight out of San Francisco.

“We now deem the case closed,” DA Steve Wagstaffe said.

Wagstaffe says his office reviewed both videos of the incident and police reports from the April 20 altercation before deciding not to press charges.

Wagstaffe added that his office will not be filing charges against the passenger, identified as Melvin Townsend, who has declined to press any charges against Tyson.

TMZ released a video last month that appeared to show Tyson punching Townsend who seated a row behind him at San Francisco International Airport in an incident that the media outlet said occurred after passengers continued to pester the former boxer after he asked them to stop.

A witness on the plane told TMZ that the former heavyweight champ was initially cordial to fans asking for photographs but Townsend continued talking in Tyson’s ear which appeared to irritate him before punches flew.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Tyson had an incident on a flight with an aggressive passenger who began harassing him and threw a water bottle at him while he was in his seat,” a representative for Tyson told Fox Business in a statement at the time.

Townsend has denied throwing a bottle at Tyson.

“After a thorough investigation, no charges will be filed against Mr. Tyson for the incident at San Francisco International Airport on April 20, 2022,” Tyson’s legal team told Fox News Digital in a statement. “We thank San Francisco District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe, the San Mateo County Sheriff, and all law enforcement agencies involved in this investigation for their careful, diligent, and professional work.”

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