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Mike Tyson Says He Used His Infant Child’s Urine to Pass Drug Tests While Competing

Mike Tyson had previously admitted to cheating drug tests to hide his use of cocaine and marijuana

Mike Tyson says he used to pass drug tests with the urine of his infant child.

In the latest episode of his podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the boxer and father of seven talked about the prosthetic penis he sometimes used while being tested during his fighting days.

“I put my baby’s urine in it. And sometimes, one time I was using my wife’s [urine] and my wife was like ‘Baby you better not hope that it comes back pregnant or something,’ ” Tyson told guest Jeff Novitzky, the vice president of athlete health and performance for the UFC, in the episode.

He continued, “And I said, ‘Nah, so we ain’t gonna use you any more, we’re gonna use the kid.’ Cuz I got scared that the p— might come back pregnant. … That’s what I was afraid of.”

The 54-year-old has confirmed use of the prosthetic appendage before, and according to CBS Sports, he previously said he was aiming to avoid detection of his cocaine and marijuana use.

It is unclear which wife or child which Tyson was referencing. He was married to Robin Givens from 1988 to 1989; Monica Turner from 1997 to 2003; and wed Lakiha Spicer in 2009.

Tyson is soon returning to the boxing ring. As PEOPLE confirmed in July, Roy Jones Jr. and Tyson agreed to face each other in an exhibition match, set to take place Nov. 28 after it was rescheduled from its initial date in September.

At the height of their success, both men were considered two of the best ever to enter the ring — Jones ended his career with 66 wins and nine losses, while Tyson took a bow with a 50-6 record (including 44 knockouts). He competed from 1985 to 2005.

The match is being produced as a part of Tyson’s Legends Only League, which supports older athletes looking to return to their sports.

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