Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson justified his aggressiveness in punching a man on a plane

The former universal heavyweight champion assures that he only responded to the disrespect of a pseudo fan

A little more than a month ago, Mike Tyson was once again in the main sporting news because he assaulted a passenger while he was on a flight from Francisco to Florida.

He did not listen to his wife’s advice

Although several witnesses indicated that a man insisted on speaking to the ex-boxer prior to the take-off of the plane in which they were traveling, few really knew what was the reason that aroused Tyson’s anger.

What is certain is that several images captured by cell phones and shared on social networks show that the passenger ended up being beaten on April 20.

In addition, the incident led to a complaint that forced both parties to answer for their actions and for the scandal generated in front of a prosecutor in California. However, no one pressed charges, as it is speculated that the man who was beaten reached an agreement with the fighter.

In this regard, “Iron Mike” spoke for the first time about the event on his podcast, where he acknowledged that everything that happened was because he did not heed his wife’s recommendations.

“They told me they wouldn’t press charges. I was screwing around. I had taken pictures with this man. I shouldn’t even be taking public airplanes. My wife gets mad, but what am I going to do on a damn plane with my friends and a bodyguard who is supposed to be watching me?” he indicated.

It is noteworthy that during the days in which Tyson assaulted who was later identified as Melvin Townsend, 36, he had also been captured in a San Francisco park during a celebration where, being surrounded by several fans, he smoked a marijuana cigarette.

Once the former boxer managed to get rid of what seemed to be a legal problem of great proportions, he is now preparing to reappear in the ring, but he has not yet defined his next opponent, as he has already passed up the opportunity to face Evander Holyfield or George Foreman, as he did not like the economic proposal that was put to him.

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