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Every Undertaker Hell In A Cell Match, Ranked

The Hell in a Cell structure is one of WWE’s staple gimmick matches, and it is synonymous with The Undertaker.

The Hell in a Cell structure is one of WWE’s staple gimmick matches, and it is synonymous with The Undertaker, who competed in the very first Cell match in WWE history, with no one competing inside the structure more than him, with fourteen appearances.
Even though he is the most prominent Cell combatant, not all his matches have been hits, with a varying quality over the years, although there have been some absolute classics throughout the course of his career too.

14 Undertaker Vs Big Boss Man, WrestleMania 15

This was a horrendous match. The action was slow and uncoordinated, with the two big men not displaying much chemistry. The in-ring action wasn’t what made this so awful though, it was the aftermath which saw The Undertaker hang Boss Man from the roof of the Cell.

There will be some fans who liked this, but for the most part, the common consensus is that it is perhaps the worst Cell match ever, alongside The Fiend vs Seth Rollins.

13 Steve Austin & Undertaker Vs Mankind & Kane, Raw Is War 1998

This was the second Hell in a Cell match but it wasn’t really much of a match. This was mostly a brawl which took place around the outside of the Cell and was only in place to hype up the King of the Ring PPV.

The brawl itself was still fun, but time constraints meant that the show went off air before the match finished. This was certainly one of the more pointless Cell matches early on into the gimmick’s life.

12 CM Punk Vs Undertaker, Hell in a Cell 2009

At the first ever Hell in a Cell PPV, the opening match proved why the event was a bad idea. This match stretched just ten minutes, and it was simply just a glorified squash.

Taker defeated CM Punk to win the World Heavyweight Championship in a match which didn’t need to be inside the Cell. It was a pointless addition to this event and was only in place due to the namesake PPV.

11 Kane Vs Undertaker, Hell in a Cell 2010

This was very slow and plodding, but at least the gimmick made sense for these two legends with a storied rivalry. Some of the action was fine, but the pair never had too much chemistry as in-ring opponents.

The finish produced a fun moment, with Paul Bearer turning on The Undertaker, but with this serving as the match to cap off the Kane and Undertaker rivalry, it was a bit of a let-down.

10 Undertaker Vs Shane McMahon, WrestleMania 32

The Undertaker’s final Hell in a Cell match came at WrestleMania 32, in a match that ran far too long against the returning Shane McMahon. It had some fun moments, but with McMahon not being a full-time performer and Taker being several steps slower than he was, it was a bit clumsy.

McMahon jumping from the top of the Cell will be the moment that fans remember from this match, with that image and spot being worth the wait through a slow match.

Undertaker Vs Randy Orton, Armageddon 2005

After a long and personal rivalry, the veteran Undertaker did battle with the young star Randy Orton, in a great culmination to the feud.

This did run slow at times, but it served its purpose overall, and did a strong job of making Orton look good, in what was yet another star-making feud for him. There was a lot of blood, but the action didn’t really live up to the amount of bloodshed on show.

Batista Vs Undertaker, Survivor Series 2007

Whilst it took a little while to get going, the second half of this match was a masterpiece, with hard-hitting moves between the two men, with it truly feeling as though they hated each other.

The finish, which saw Edge make a big return, was a fun moment, although an interference ending to a Hell in a Cell match wasn’t the most inspiring way to finish things, especially when the World Heavyweight Title was on the line.

Six-Way Hell In A Cell Match, Armageddon 2000

This was one of the most unique matches of all time, locking six of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era inside Hell in a Cell, with Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Steve Austin, Triple H, Rikishi, and The Rock doing battle.

Even with so many variables, the match flowed perfectly, with an organised chaos and Attitude Era mayhem.

Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar, Hell in a Cell 2015

This was a throwback to the Hell in a Cell matches of old, with it feeling like a proper brawl and fight between two bitter rivals, rather than a thrown together match.

Lesnar was bloodied and battered but managed to overcome his long-time rival by exposing the wooden ring canvas and delivering an F-5. The match exceeded all expectations, especially considering Taker’s condition in the years prior.

Undertaker Vs Edge, SummerSlam 2008

This marked the very first PG Hell in a Cell match, but it certainly lived up to the gimmick, even without blood involved. This featured a lot of call-backs to the long-term feud between the pair, and their chemistry was on full show.

It was a spot fest – but in a good way, with the big moments feeling impactful, with it being an explosive way to cap off their brilliant story with one another.

Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker, No Mercy 2002

This was a violent, bloody, and brutal brawl between two of the most dangerous and dominant men in WWE history, with Lesnar targeting Taker’s wrapped up hand and causing damage to it in some scary visuals.

This encapsulated everything that a Hell in a Cell match should be, with it being contested between two men who wanted to cause pain to one another, with winning the match being a secondary motive.

Undertaker Vs Triple H, WrestleMania 28

In terms of the Cell itself, other matches below this incorporated the structure a lot more, but this was an emotional masterclass between two of the all-time greats, with Shawn Michaels serving as the Special Guest Referee, wrapping up a four-year story of two friends trying to break Taker’s WrestleMania streak.

It was intense, with the fans on the edge of their seat, and it featured one of the most shocking near-falls of all time. This was a classic WrestleMania contest, with a post-match moment that will live forever.

Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels, Bad Blood 1997

The very first Hell in a Cell match is still one of the best. The feud between these two men had heated up, leading to a brutal battle inside the cage, with some huge spots throughout the match, including a piledriver on the steps, and Michaels falling from the side of the Cell.

The finishing sequence lives in infamy, with Kane making his debut, ripping the door from its hinges, and taking out The Undertaker, allowing Michaels to win. Everything from the action inside the ring to the historic debut was near perfection.

Undertaker Vs Mankind, King of the Ring 1998

When fans think of “Hell in a Cell”, then this is the match that 99 out of 100 would think of. This made the match famous, it made a star out of Mankind, and it will live forever as one of the most memorable matches in WWE history.

The match began with the stunning spot of Mankind being thrown from the top of the Cell and through the announce table, followed by him then being chokeslammed through the roof and down to the mat. The match somehow carried on from there, with some violent spots, before Undertaker won the match.

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