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There’s no boxing enthusiast who doesn’t know about Floyd Mayweather. The 42-year-old champion has never lost a bout in his 21-year pro career, with his fierce fight against the Philippines boxer Manny Pacquiao being among his popular wins.

As such, Mayweather has been crowned as the greatest boxer of the decade.

Certainly ranking alongside other great sportsmen like Muhammad Ali and Argentina’s legend Carlos Monzon for achievement.

Here’s a look at what could be the top five boxers of all time:


In his 21-year career, Mayweather has won five weight classes and has maintained a pretty clean sheet in his fights. Mayweather is seen as the best defensive boxer to ever grace the global boxing scene and remaining to be the most accurate puncher since the days of Compubox. 

The 42-year-old American boxer has recorded 26 consecutive world title wins, with ten being through a knockout. In lineal title fights, Mayweather recorded 24 wins, among them seven knockouts. Today, he remains the biggest pay-per-view attraction of all time.


Regarded by many boxing historians as one of the greatest professional boxers to ever exist, Pacquiao has done his best to deserve the praises.

To date, he’s the only boxer to have won 12 major world titles in eight weight divisions.

Manny was also the first boxer to have ever won the lineal champion in five divisions. Last year in July, Pacquiao became the oldest Welterweight World champion of all time after beating Keith Thurman during the WBA welterweight championship.


Unlike Manny Pacquiao, you won’t find odds on Carlos Monzon at the Betway88 boxing bets offerings or at any bookie.

The Argentine legend was the undisputed middleweight champion for seven years, recording a total of 59 knockouts in his career. 

Monzon successfully defended his title for 14 times and he’s widely celebrated as the greatest pound-to-pound boxer of all time. Monzon was known for his relentless work rate. Plus punching power, and immense speed.

His skills earned him an induction in the International Boxing Hall Of Fame. He’s among the top 20 fighters of the last century.


As you might have thought Muhammad Ali won’t be among the Betway88 offerings, though his effect goes beyond the ring. The boxing titan recorded an impressive 56-win record in heavyweight boxing and he became a popular figure for publicly standing against the Vietnam War.

In 1960, Ali won an Olympic Gold Medal and he also took the World Heavyweight boxing championship in 1964. However, he lost three years of his career following a suspension due to his refusal to fight in Vietnam. Nonetheless, he reclaimed his title again two times in the ‘70s.


As one of the best boxers of all time, Sugar Ray claimed the world welterweight title for five years, from 1946 to 1951. By 1958, he was the first boxer to have won a divisional world championship title five times consecutively.

Robinson is known by many as one of the greatest pound-to-pound boxers, having finished his 25-year-career with 175 victories in 1965.

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