Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Opens Up On The Plane Incident

Heavyweight legend Mike Tyson got involved in an incident during his flight from San Francisco to Miami.

During that flight, one individual, who was reportedly drunk, decided to get into an argument with Tyson. However, the argument went too far as he started messing with the former boxer.

Due to this behavior, Tyson punched the individual, which left the passenger bloodied. However, the retired boxer won’t be facing any charges.

Those who have seen the video know that Tyson was provoked.

In the ‘Hot Boxin’ podcast, the 55-year-old says that the incident still bothers him. “He was trying to mess with me. Maybe, I shouldn’t even be taking public planes. My wife is never a fan of it,” Tyson explained.

“What do you think I am supposed to do with friends and bodyguards around me? He crossed the line and I had no other option but to do what I did,” Tyson concluded.

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