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WWE legend says match with The Undertaker is second favorite of his career

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently stated that his 2006 match with The Undertaker at No Way Out is up there as one of the favorite matches of his wrestling career.

In a contest that is remembered for its incredible counters, crowd reactions and athleticism, The Deadman’s showdown with The Olympic Gold Medalist is fondly remembered by a strong portion of the WWE Universe.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, the former WWE Champion praised The Undertaker for giving him one of the best matches of his career.

“My second favorite is with Undertaker at No Way Out 2006,” Angle said. “I had a match with him and it lasted 30-minutes and it was incredible. The false finishes, and the submission trade-offs, it was a really good match and told a great story. Undertaker is a really incredible worker, especially for a big guy. He’s so athletic for his size and I had great chemistry with him.” H/T Wrestling Inc

Matches like their 2006 confrontation truly highlight why both Angle and Taker are deserving of their Hall of Fame statuses, with magical performances such as their showdown at No Way Out.

Kurt Angle learnt a lot from the Undertaker

Following his debut for WWE in 1998, people both in and out of the wrestling business were dismissive of Angle due to his lack of experience as a pro wrestler.

One star who sought to integrate Kurt into the locker room, however, was The Phenom. Angle stated on The Zaslow Show that The Undertaker helped in teaching him the fundamentals of wrestling when he first started out.

“Taker taught me a lot,” said Angle: “I worked with him quite a bit when I started out and he taught me the ropes. He was really good. His psychology is very basic, but it absolutely works well. And following him and letting him lead me really helped me out in my career.” H/T Wrestling Inc

As the locker room leader for most of his WWE career, it is not surprising to hear that Taker took Angle under his wing after The Olympic Gold Medalist arrived in the company.

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