The Undertaker

The Undertaker: WWE legend’s truly bizarre phobia revealed

The Undertaker was billed as ‘The Deadman’ during his WWE career, and was portrayed as one of the most ‘scary’ stars on the roster.

However, The Undertaker is human at the end of the day, and Michelle McCool has revealed the very real phobia that her husband has.

Speaking on the Wives of Wrestling podcast, McCool explained that ‘Taker is legitimately scared of cucumbers…

The former Women’s Champion explained that The Undertaker once ate so many cucumbers that he got sick, and ever since then, has been legitimately frightened of them:

He ate so many cucumbers one day that he got sick. And ever since then, it was just game over.

The story gets even more strange, as Michelle revealed that her daughter likes to play with ‘Taker and have some fun with him, putting cucumbers under his pillow to freak him out.

She also explained just how bad his phobia is, saying that her husband “can’t even smell” cucumbers or be around one.

We can’t even have one in the room. Every birthday, [daughter] Kaia gets cucumbers. She’ll like put them under his pillow, she’ll put them in his car. Cucumbers, he can’t even smell them … can’t even be around it

Don’t let that take away from the mystique of The Undertaker, who is, without doubt, one of the most legendary WWE Superstars ever.

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For more random news on The Undertaker and his potential phobias, make sure you stay tuned to GiveMeSport.

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