Mike Tyson


World Boxing Council chiefs put together a comprehensive list of what to look out for in 2021, including the 35th anniversary of Mike Tyson.

In 1986, ‘Iron’ Mike smashed Trevor Berbick to be crown king of boxing and the youngest ever world heavyweight champion.

Mike Tyson


In the “Year of Boxing,” we will commemorate the following important dates, which will be continuously celebrated worldwide:


Jan 19, 2001 – 20 years since Jose Sulaiman’s induction into the Laredo Latin American International Sports Hall of Fame in Laredo, Texas.
Jan 28, 2006 – 15 years of the first “Night of Champions” in Cancun, with 92 world champions’ attendance.


Feb. 1, 2001 – The unveiling of the plaque with Jose Sulaiman’s handprints at the Paseo de las Luminarias, Plaza Galerias Hotel in Mexico City.
Feb. 25, 1986, 35 years of the Azumah Nelson vs. Marcos Villasana fight for the benefit of the earthquake’s damage in Mexico City.


March 3, 1996, 25 years since Daniel Zaragoza defeated Joichiro Tatsuyoshi by knockout in the eleventh round, defending his WBC Super Bantamweight title in Yokohama, Japan.
8th 1971, the half-century anniversary of the Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier fight. MSG, New York.
March 22, 1921, 90th birthday of International Boxing Hall of Famer (2019) Guy Jutras of Montréal, Boxer, referee, judge (WBC and WBA), administrator, executive, promoter. 69th year in professional boxing. (Montreal).
March 30, 2021, Night of Champions dinner to honor all current and former WBC world champions from Thailand.

Joe Louis


April 12, 1981 – 40 years of the death of Joe Louis.
28th, 1971. It would have been the 50th birthday of former WBC World Super Middleweight Champion Markus Beyer, who passed away two years ago.


May 3, 1921 – 100th Anniversary of the birth of Sugar Ray Robinson in Ailey, Georgia.
8th, 1976, 45 years of the Gattu Ishimatsu vs. Esteban de Jesus, Puerto Rico, first fight for a world title in history won at auction. Salinas Promotions of Puerto Rico offered 250,000 dollars for $ 210,000 from the Japanese promoter Kenji Yonekura. It was also the first time that a Japanese world champion defended his title outside their country.
8th, 1976, 45 years since Carlos ‘Cañas’ Zarate dethroned Rodolfo Martínez, for KO in 9 rounds, winning the WBC bantamweight world title Inglewood Forum.
May 13, 1981, 40 years since the WBC instituted May 13, as Boxer’s Day for Joe Louis’s anniversary.

15th, 2006 – 15 years of the Lifetime Achievement Award granted to Jose Sulaiman by the American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians (AAPRP) in Las Vegas, Nevada.
May 23, 1981, 40 years since Wilfredo Benítez conquered his third world title in 3 different divisions. He had previously won the superlight and welterweight crowns. He defeats Maurice Hope by knockout in 12 rounds to win the WBC Superwelter title at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.
23rd, 1986, first fight for the WBC Continental Americas Championship between Marvin Mack and Poncho Carter.
May 30, 2005 – 15th anniversary of first WBC Female World Championship, Jackie Nava vs. Leona Brown in Tijuana, Mexico.
30th, 1931 – 90 Anniversary of Jose Sulaiman.

laila ali


June 11, 2005 – 15th anniversary of Laila Ali becoming WBC Female World Champion, by defeating Erin Toughill by TKO3 in Washington, D.C.
14th, 2011, 10 years of Jose Sulaiman being named as Honorary Citizen of Brockton, Massachusetts.
June 16, 1951 – 70th Birthday of Roberto Duran.
June 18, 1941, 80th Anniversaries of the fantastic Louis vs. Conn I bout drew 60,071 to New York’s Polo Grounds.

20th, 1981, 40 years since Alexis Arguello conquered his third world title in 3 different divisions. He had previously been champion at Feather and Super Feather. He overcame Scottish Jim Watt, by unanimous decision in 15 rounds, conquering the WBC Lightweight title in London, England.
June 19, 1936, 85 years of Max Schmeling knocked out Joe Louis at Yankee Stadium (a critical moment in German boxing history.
June 23, 2001, 20 years since Oscar de la Hoya won the WBC super welterweight title by defeating the Spanish Javier Castillejo by decision, to conquer his 5th World title in 5 different divisions. Formerly Super Featherweight, Lightweight, Superlight, and welterweight champion. This triumph was at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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