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Mike Tyson knocks out Rolly Romero: Gervonta Davis is another animal

Iron Mike sees Tank as clear favorite to win the fight

The time has come for Gervonta Davis and Rolly Romero to square off in a WBA light heavyweight title fight, which has caught the attention of several boxing figures as to who will win the bout, including Mike Tyson.

Iron Mike, one of the best heavyweight fighters in history, has chimed in with his opinions about the battle between Tank and Rolly.

Why does Tyson see Gervonta Davis as the favorite?
The Barclays Center in New York will host the fight between Davis and Romero, but as of now Tyson sees a clear favorite to be the winner of the bout.

“I think Rolly is a very complex fighter. He’s tough, strong, but fighting Gervonta is another animal. He’s highly sophisticated. He uses his height for his advantage more than his disadvantage,” Tyson said on his Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast.

“He’s built like a slugger, but he’s actually a master boxer, punch hard in both hands. Great jab and is almost impossible to beat him in this time. It’s going to take a good fighter to be able to beat him, real smart and tough.

“I don’t see Rolly doing that, good luck both, good luck to both the fighters,” Iron Mike added.

Tyson had already shown his support for Davis

This is not the first time Tyson has said Davis is one of the best fighters right now. A year ago, the legend of the sport had no hesitation in putting Tank as the best boxer pound-for-pound.

“I think Gervonta Davis is the best fighter out there right now,” Tyson said. “He’s the top dog. There’s no question about it. He proved it,” Tyson said then.

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