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The Undertaker Opens His Heart Out for Veterans on Memorial Day

How can we not expect WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker not to pour his emotion for his country on Memorial Day? At some point in the pro-wrestling career of The Undertaker, he adapted a gimmick known as ‘The American Bada**’ for the fans.

Just like America’s fallen heroes, Taker was a fan favorite superstar with this gimmick. The Undertaker has an immense amount of respect for the U.S. military. Today, on the occasion of Memorial Day, the legend had some legendary words for the troops.

During the Civil War, many lion heads, servicemen, and women sacrificed their lives for the future of America. Well, Mark Calaway, aka The Deadman, recognized the true solitude of fallen heroes.

WWE legend The Undertaker respects America’s fallen heroes in style!

The Undertaker has spent over 30+ years in professional wrestling. In addition, he indeed gave back the WWE Universe everything in return for supporting his career. However, The Undertaker posted a tweet related to the U.S. Army and Decoration Day 2022. Taker feels he would do it in a snap if he had a chance to repay the armed forces.

He mentioned, “The ultimate sacrifice is a debt we can never repay to our armed forces. Remember them, today and everyday. #MemorialDay.”

Every last Monday of May month, the commoners of the United States visit national cemeteries. People pay their tribute to the fearless ones that sacrificed their lives during the Civil War.

WWE Hall of Famer mentioned that it’s difficult to give anything back to the great American Army. So, instead, we should remember the fallen heroes each day and every day to pay reverence to the U.S. military.

The Deadman wanted to serve his country if not for WWE!
Can we imagine The Undertaker in a military uniform? Spectacular, isn’t it? However, Mark Calaway has revealed that if WWE wouldn’t have worked for him, he had an alternate plan. In 2021, Undertaker went on an action-packed hunt with Tyler Jordan of Realtree Road Trips.

Taker revealed he wanted to try out for the United States military during that conversation. Given his status in WWE, he could have served in the U.S. Army.

“It probably would have been the military. I’ve always been one to really know what my strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities are and aren’t. I doubt if I would have had a very long run in European pro basketball, but I do see myself; if I had to join the armed forces, I probably would have been a career guy,” Taker said.

Even after an ever-lasting career in WWE, The Undertaker wanted to serve his country. In the same conversation, Mark Calaway has noted that people have judged him for the same.

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