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“A lot of guys were pissed” – Former WWE star got massive backstage heat for facing The Undertaker

Former WWE Superstar Curtis Hughes, aka Mr. Hughes, has revealed that other talents were unhappy when he got the chance to face The Undertaker.

Hughes’ first stint with the company in 1993 kicked off after he was inserted into The Undertaker’s storyline with Harvey Wippleman. Curtis Hughes wrestled The Deadman at a couple of shows, and he opened up about the experience on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSkripted.

The former WCW star recalled that The Undertaker was one of the most sought-after opponents during the 90s. Every wrestler wished to share the ring with ‘Taker, and many were not pleased to see Curtis Hughes receive the huge opportunity so early on in his WWE run.

The 57-year-old star wasn’t the most popular name in the locker room as everyone desired to be in a prominent spot with The Undertaker.

“Undertaker was hot back then, all the boys wanted to work with him, and I got blessed to work with him,” said Curtis Hughes. “They tucked me in. From being in the back of the line, right? And stepping in front of everybody. A lot of guys were pissed. You know, a young black guy coming in and gets the gig with The Undertaker. The business is already prejudiced, bro. It was cutthroat, man. So when I got that deal, a lot of guys were like, ‘Oh, hell no, you didn’t get my spot.’ And try to come up with all these different lies, stooging on them, you know what I’m saying? To get you out of that spot.” [31:55 – 32:44]

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Curtis Hughes thanks Vince McMahon for booking him against The Undertaker in WWE

Curtis Hughes didn’t spend much time with Vince McMahon’s company, but he did feature in a noteworthy angle with The Undertaker. Hughes stole the mystic urn as part of the on-screen narrative, and he still has a replica of what is said to be “the source of The Undertaker’s powers.”

Mr. Hughes sent out a message of gratitude to Vince McMahon for letting him work with The Phenom. Even though Curtis Hughes was always on the losing end of his WWE matches, he was glad to have known The Undertaker closely.

The short program with the WWE Legend helped Curtis’ career, as he revealed below:

“Yes, I did (steal The Undertaker’s urn). It was awesome, man. It was awesome! I thank god for the opportunity. I thank Vince McMahon for the opportunity because without them two, it would have never happened,” stated Hughes. “It was great. It was awesome working with Undertaker in that ring. I’m glad I had the opportunity to experience that because that kind of took my career off a little bit, you know what I mean?” [30:53 – 31:50]

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