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Boxing legend claims Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury aren’t ‘greats’ as they haven’t ‘really shown a lot’ in…

BOXING great Larry Holmes reckons Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury can’t call themselves modern-day greats as they haven’t “shown a lot”.

The British bruisers were regarded as the best heavyweights on the planet prior to Oleksandr Usyk’s victory over AJ last September and often found themselves compared to the fighters of yesteryear.
But neither man has done enough to impress hall-of-famer Larry Holes, who told The Telegraph: “Anthony Joshua, he hasn’t really shown a lot.

“He’s like a ripe tomato. He might have it. But who has he fought?
“I’m not going to knock him, and say he’s a bad fighter.
“To be called great, you need to be compared to some truly great fighters, and he hasn’t got that far yet.”
WBC champ Fury has done so little to impress Holmes that the American believes he would’ve got the better of him if they fought.

Holmes – who battered the great Muhammad Ali in the boxing icon’s penultimate fight – said of the Gypsy King: “Same thing. Guy who’s big, nice size, strong.
“It would have been an interesting fight, me and him, but I have change-ups, going in, or staying out. Side to side, switch-hitting.

“Look, I’m happy with all the gifts I was given, I can’t complain.
“I don’t like to knock nobody but I like to tell the truth.”
Holmes is no stranger to criticising the British juggernauts, telling Fight Hype earlier this year: “They don’t have no skills.

“They don’t know how to throw one, two and move out to protect yourself.
“The fighters today are not the fighters when I fought. We fought the top 10, we didn’t duck nobody.
“Today these guys don’t want to fight – you want to make some money, you’ve got to bring it to them, you’ve got to make these guys fight.”

Former unified heavyweight champ Joshua is currently gearing up for a summer rematch with Usyk – which is tentatively slated for July 23.

Fury, meanwhile, is seemingly enjoying his apparent retirement from the sport following his brutal knockout of Dillian Whyte last month.

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