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Watch Your Mouth – Tyson Fury Reacts After Anthony Joshua’s Altercation With University Students

Tyson Fury has reacted after an incident involving his rival Anthony Joshua and a group of university students went viral.

Former heavyweight world champion Joshua was filmed telling a group of students to “watch their mouths” after they taunted him about avoiding a fight with Fury.

In the footage, Joshua also threatened to crack the students’ jaws, he was filmed saying: “Remember you’re running your mouth because when I start cracking your glass jaws, none of you will like it.”

“Watch your mouths because you don’t know who you’re talking to sometimes.”
The incident took place near Loughborough University, the base for Joshua’s preparations ahead of his rematch against Oleksandr Usyk, the fight is at the moment scheduled for July 23.

Since the video of the altercation between Joshua and the students went online, Fury has now reacted and took to social media to give his thoughts.

He simply tweeted: “I have this effect on the best of them.”along with a picture of the Joshua incident making headline news.

Joshua and Fury were meant to fight it out in the ring after a deal looked set to be agreed last summer, but a last minute twist prevented the fight going ahead. Fury was ordered to fight Deontay Wilder for a third time instead.

Since then, Joshua had lost to Usyk and Fury had despatched the challenge from Dillian Whyte in a packed out Wembley last month to retain his heavyweight titles.

After his victory over Whyte, Fury stated that he will not return to the ring by announcing his retirement.
Joshua however, continued his attempts to lure Fury back into the ring. In a recent Q&A with the Oxford Union, he referenced a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ between the two fighters.

He said: “If Fury would honour the boxers agreement and come out of retirement because ultimately what is at my core it is about the money.”

“If Fury will come out and honour the gentleman’s agreement there is a lot of money to be made.”

It remains to be seen whether the long standing rivalry between Fury and Joshua will end in the ring, but for that to happen, Joshua would have to regain the belts he lost to Usyk first before trying to tempt Fury into the ring again.

Tyson Fury Reacts To Anthony Joshua’s Defeat, Gives Him Vital Piece Of Advice Ahead Of Usyk Rematch
Nasir Jabbar

Tyson Fury Reacts To Anthony Joshua’s Defeat, Gives Him Vital Piece Of Advice Ahead Of Usyk Rematch
Tyson Fury has sent a message to Anthony Joshua in response to his crushing defeat to Oleksandr Usyk.

Usyk dethroned Joshua of the WBA (super), IBF and WBO world heavyweight titles in Tottenham last weekend.

He put on a masterclass to beat the Brit, winning a unanimous decision.
A rematch between Usyk and Joshua is reportedly in the works, with Fury offering his heavyweight rival a piece of advice ahead of their second meeting.

On Joshua vs. Usyk, the WBC title holder said: “Did I watch the fight? Yes I did.
“Was I absolutely wounded that he won? Yes I was.

“I was hoping Joshua could win the fight, but he couldn’t – and that’s none of my business.”

Fury added: “The only thing I’m bothered about is beating Deontay Wilder, and that’s the most dangerous heavyweight out there.

“In my opinion, Wilder beats Joshua, Usyk, all the rest of the division, comfortable – but he cannot beat me.
“Usyk did his job, he had to do what he had to do, and that’s that, and Joshua has got to do what he has got to do.

“After him, we will talk, the promoters will do their job, and I will always do mine.

“Never worry about the ‘Gypsy King’ fulfilling his end of a bargain – I will always fucking fight until there’s not a fight left in me. You just worry about the other people doing their end of the bargain.”

Asked what advice he would give to ‘AJ’ ahead of facing Usyk again, Fury replied: “My advice to Joshua in the rematch is get stuck in the best way you know how, put his best foot forward and swing away.”

Joshua’s crushing defeat to Usyk delays a potential undisputed clash with Fury, who returns to action next weekend.
‘The Gypsy King’ faces Deontay Wilder in a trilogy bout in Las Vegas.

Anthony Joshua’s Demand Sent Tyson Fury ‘Berserk’ Over Undisputed Fight Against Oleksandr Usyk
​Tyson Fury went ‘berserk’ after Anthony Joshua demanded more money to allow him to face Oleksandr Usyk​.

An undisputed heavyweight clash between Fury and Usyk was in the works before the ‘Gypsy King’s battle with Dillian Whyte went to purse bids.
Fury’s UK promoter Frank Warren has claimed the showdown fell through due to Joshua asking for an extra £3.7 million to step aside from his contracted rematch with the Ukrainian.

‘AJ’s demand angered Fury who said ‘enough is enough’ regarding a bout against Usyk, according to Warren.
“Tyson’s a big man, he can speak for himself. He don’t need me to tell you,” he told iFL TV.

“But that’s what it was. I got a call off him [and] he was going berserk saying, ‘No, forget about it!’”

He added: “What stop this fight from happening, this deal from happening, was at the last minute was AJ came in and asked for another $5m.

“And Tyson said, ‘Enough is enough. I don’t want to hear anything, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.’
“And that’s the truth and that’s what happened.

“Everybody worked hard to get it where it was, but when he asked for that extra money; it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

​So, as a result, Fury will defend his WBC crown against Whyte, while Usyk will run it back with Joshua later this year.

After much confusion in the heavyweight division, it appears the big boys are finally sorting their differences ahead of a potential undisputed bout in 2022.

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