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Alex Jones can’t convince Mike Tyson to broker peace with Russia while smoking a blunt

'Iron' Mike's strange ideas about Russia while smoking weed with Alex Jones

Former Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is currently far away from the sport but he is making a fortune in the cannabis business, he also goes on interviews to talk to influencers such as Alex Jones. The conspiracy theorist who used to host the controversial ‘Info Wars’ show managed to land an interview with Tyson and attempted to convince him to do something wild.

Effectively comparing him to what Dennis Rodman did when he visited Kim Jong-un in North Korea, Alex Jones basically asked Mike Tyson to broker peace with Russia. But the former Heavyweight champ offered a surreal analogy that pretty much told Jones he wouldn’t meddle with those types of affairs.

This is what Tyson said: “I think it started out as a war for finance – and so many of us got involved because of the humanity of it. It became a war of humanity because so many people got involved, so many countries got involved, and now Russia’s really losing from a public opinion perspective. That’s worse than being hit by a nuclear bomb, so to speak – at least you’re dead with a nuclear bomb but you’ve got to live with this crap.”

This is where Tyson mentioned his analogy: “Imma look at it like this. People aren’t going to like this. Sometimes I see a hawk and it grabs a robin. And I can stop him from killing that bird but once I stop him from killing that bird, he dies, his baby dies, who am I saving, how am I right? That’s what I tell my kids, how are you right if you save that bird right now? Now he (the hawk) is going to die, his baby’s gonna die, something’s going to die.”

Analyzing Mike Tyson’s analogy.

So, contrary to Dennis Rodman’s wishes to broker peace. It appears Mike Tyson has a natural selection mentality in which he regards Russia as the superior force. Instead of trying to use his influence topossibly broker peace by using his friendship with Vladimir Putin, Mike still thinks about the whole ‘survival of the fittest’ philosophy.

Effectively saying Ukraine is the less weaker country and there’s nothing he can do to prevent so much people from dying. This fits perfectly into the type of personality Mike Tyson has had throughout the years. But you’d have to analyze his words carefully becaause they are smoking weed and understanding their points won’t be easy.

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