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Vince McMahon would join Mike Tyson to re-emerge his boxing career?

WWE's CEO could manage the career of a legend like Iron Mike

Myke Tyson could have a new manager. And not just any new manager. WWE CEO Vince McMahon wants to run the career of one of the top former boxers.

On Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard they revealed more details, along with Conrad Thompson, of what could be an unexpected union in the sports world.

In a conversation between the two, Thompson asks the show host if McMahon was open to running the career of one of the most legendary fighters.

“Absolutely. Vince was definitely interested in the Mike Tyson brand. And he was considering the possibility of taking over the managerial reins of Mike Tyson,” Prichard himself responded.

He further stated what McMahon’s goal would be with the former athlete: “He wants to help Mike get his license back so he can box once again.”

McMahon, an experienced executive
McMahon has extensive experience in promoting and developing sporting events. He is also a former wrestling wrestler and wrestling commentator.

Tyson, with 56 fights as a professional, wants to return to the ring and put the gloves back on. The Brooklyn-born fighter has also been associated with controversy and scandals during his career.

Tyson: Now is the time to beat Canelo

Canelo Alvarez‘s recent loss to Dmitry Bivol came as a surprise to many, and Tyson believes that there is an opportunity for other fighters to take advantage of a potential slump for the Mexican.

“I was just talking to uncle Mike, that is the legendary Mike Tyson, and he was telling me, ‘man right now, the time to beat Canelo is now,” Henry Cejudo said, revealing his conversation with the boxing great.

“‘He’s just got that chip on the shoulder, but he might fight emotionally,'” Cejudo added.

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