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During a recent re-run of the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao clash in 2015, new evidence came to light regarding a possible shoulder injury.

The ailment to Pacquiao, which was blamed for his sub-par performance, has been questioned many times over the years.

This is despite the Filipino Senator undergoing surgery to correct the problem soon after.

Distinct and considerable disappointment over the outcome of the twelve rounds didn’t help, which Pacquiao then compounded in the aftermath.

But years on, CompuBox has shared their stats, looking closer at what may have hampered the ‘Pacman’ at the MGM Grand.

This is what went down during the replay (watch the fight HERE):

“Such an uneven performance by Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather. Manny landed twelve power shots in round four, then just 1 in round 5.

“He landed a fight high thirteen power shots in round six, then just two in round seven,” outlined CompuBox.

Going further of Mayweather’s own grip on the Pay-Per-View contest, they continued: “How effectively did Mayweather tame Pacquiao?

“Pac Man landed an avg. of seven of 36 punches per round vs. Floyd after landing 23 of 66 per round in his previous twelve fights.”

It was then on to the shoulder, which was revealed by Pacquiao to have been hurt before the fight. Hampering him towards the end.

Evidence suggests this may have been the case.

“Did Manny Pacquiao indeed injure his shoulder down the stretch vs. Floyd Mayweather?

“He landed just 26 power punches, yes 26, over the last 5 rounds after landing a combined 25 power shots in rounds four and six,” CompuBox concluded.

Does this information bolster claims for a rematch between the two legends in the coming months?

Well, Mayweather is back in training and had Pacquiao waiting on his next move before the current lockdown was enforced.

Pacquiao holds the WBA welterweight title since his brilliant win over Keith Thurman in Las Vegas last July. Something that may be of interest to Mayweather.

The chance to add another title to his haul at the age of 43 or 44 could be too much to pass up for the American. Not to mention the nine-figure paycheck that goes with it.

We wait to see which direction Mayweather heads.

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