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It’s a story WBN has covered closely over the years as Manny Pacquiao chased down Juan Manuel Marquez for a fifth fight.

In 2012, when the punch heard around the world landed, Marquez gained the ultimate satisfaction from a saga that had dogged his career.

Three previous bouts with Pacquiao had brought judging controversies to the fore. The trio didn’t bring a single victory for JMM.

This is despite every one of them being a highly-competitive and closely-fought contest. Not to mention, massively lucrative to Top Rank.

As the dust settled on Pacquiao vs Marquez IV, and the Filipino then suffered a shocking decision at the hands of Timothy Bradley, promoter Bob Arum made an offer to Marquez in late 2012.

Marquez had a seven million dollar check waiting in the wings to face Pacquiao for the fifth time. The Mexican flatly refused.

Arum came back with nine million. Again, Marquez turned his nose up. Quite happy with the full stop he placed on their rivalry.

Middle Eastern offers were then touted, rumored to be nine-figures. Marquez was simply having none of it.

Pacquiao was relentless, although ultimately disappointed. Marquez lost himself to Bradley in 2013 via a split decision in what was billed as an eliminator for Pacquiao. He then took on Mike Alvarado in 2014 and swiftly retired.

This left Pacquiao badly craving another encounter.


In a recent chat with Arum, WBN put the question of why Manny Pacquiao was so hell-bent on getting the fifth clash over the line, to the Hall of Famer.

He stated: “Pacquiao wanted the fight because, according to him, he was winning the fourth fight very handily,” Arum exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Obviously, he got careless in that sixth round and Marquez knocked him out.

“Ultimately, Marquez didn’t need the money.”

It’s no secret that Marquez loved taunting Pacquiao in subsequent interviews that he would never, ever succumb to the pressure of anything monetary

‘Dinamita’ was already pushing 39 when he did step away for good, meaning it was probably the correct decision – in the end.

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