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“The little b*****d locked us in!”- Former WWE star recalls when his partner locked The Undertaker in a bathroom

Ex-WWE star recently recalled how his former tag team associate locked The Undertaker and other superstars in a bathroom.

With the amount of time WWE superstars spent together, there are a lot of backstage incidents that they go through. One such moment was shared by Toland, formerly known as James D*ck. The ex-WWE star recently shared a moment when his tag team partner locked The Undertaker and many other superstars in a bathroom.

Chad Dck worked in WWE alongside his tag team partner Chad Dck as The D*cks on SmackDown in 2005.

James D*ck explains why his partner locked The Undertaker and others in the bathroom
While talking on Wrestling Podcast Cafe de Rene, James recalled that Chad was provoked by some other roster members to prove himself by pounding his tag partner for real. In order to fit in the roster, Chad agreed to hit his partner.

James further recalled that Chad D*ck locked The Undertaker & other superstars in a bathroom to avoid further humiliation. James recalled that Chad locked everyone so that nobody could see him pleading with his partner to get hit.

He said:

“I remember ‘Taker telling the story the next day to some of the other guys I heard,” Toland said. “And he’s like, ‘Yeah, so we were going to open the door. I opened the door… it doesn’t open. The little bd locked us in!’ Get this s, they all started fing laughing that he got one over on them. So he went from down here, totally freaking buried, to over like a motherf.”

So, Chad D*ck locked everyone and got down on his knees begging his tag team partner to let him punch.

James also disclosed who named the superstar who helped The Undertaker and Co. escape

While speaking on the podcast, Tank Toland further stated that Orlando Jordan opened the door and let everyone out. Orlando (Former WWE US Champion) worked in WWE between 2003 and 2006. James D*ck also claimed that when everyone came out of the bathroom eventually, they saw Chad begging his tag partner.

“Orlando was the one that unlocked the door,” Toland added. “He wasn’t in there. So Orlando unlocked the door, the boys came out, and they saw him on his hands and knees begging me.” James Stated.

Nevertheless, Chad eventually punched his partner the following night in order to fit in with other stars. But, in return, got knocked out by James, leaving the tag team requiring medical attention.

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