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18 Pics Of The Undertaker That Paint Him In A Different Light

Here Are 18 Pics Of The Undertaker That Paint Him In A Different Light.

The Undertaker may just be the most instantly recognized characters to ever come out of wrestling. He is one of those wrestlers who even those who don’t watch wrestling or never seen wrestling a day in their life, they know who The Undertaker is. That is the impact that the former WWE Champion has had on pop culture. One that only a handful of other wrestling legends share.

Outside of the ring, however, he is just Mark Calaway. Just a regular, normal, semi-retired everyday citizen who struggles to stand out in a crowd. The difference between Mark and the character he plays on television is a night and day contrast. Not just as far as how they look, but as far as personality as well. If more fans knew about what Mark is up to away from the ring, they’d be shocked. So lets shock readers by showing a bunch of pics that paint Taker in a whole new light outside of wrestling.

18 He’s Pals With Post Malone

Well, this is a crossover that none of us expected. For those wondering how these two could have ever even swapped phone numbers, The Undertaker was asked to make a cameo at a Post Malone concert in the summer of 2018 and Malone wanted Taker to chokeslam him onstage. The Deadman was happy to oblige.

17 He Doesn’t Only Wear Black

Undertaker is not in character all of the time and despite what his character’s wardrobe may suggest, the man behind the hat does not always dress in black. On an average day, fans may catch him in something like a bright green t-shirt and a brown or camo hat. Maybe he will even pop up with a pair of shorts.

16 He Loves His Wife, Michelle McCool

That’s right, wrestling fans. The Undertaker is married to former WWE Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool. Given how completely different their onscreen characters are, that may sound hard to believe, but in real life, the two could not be more inseparable. While McCool is retired, she accompanies him to all of his shows and sometimes is in the crowd during his matches.

15 He’s A God Fearing Man

While playing a literal dead man who has mastered the dark arts does not sound like the most kosher of things for a religious man to commit to, Undertaker is a religious man outside of wrestling. WWE cameras caught Taker right before his WrestleMania 27 match praying before wrestling Triple H, showcasing his faith.

14 He Always Has Time For Fans – And Loves Elvis And Ali

Whether he has his costume on or he is dressed in casual clothes out of character, Undertaker always makes time to take photos with fans. He does not need to be The Deadman in character to be a friendly guy. Even better, the man is surprisingly a huge fan of both Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali. Shocking.

13 Never Too Cool To Smile

Whether he is in character or out of character, it is pretty rare to see The Undertaker crack the slightest of smiles. However, as this photo goes to show, if he is around his crop of friends backstage – namely, in this scenario, fellow semi-retired wrestlers Triple H and Shawn Michaels – then he is not afraid to give the world a bright smile.

12 He Has Some Interesting Friends

“Interesting” may be an understatement, to be honest. While attending Ric Flair’s wedding a couple of years ago, Undertaker happened to be chumming it up with NBA Hall of Famer, Dennis Rodman. Which, as a name, is not totally random given the former Chicago Bull’s in-ring history, but certainly not a name we expected to see hang out with The Undertaker, or Ric Flair for that matter.

11 Not As Loyal As You May Think

Having never left WWE to wrestle anywhere else in the last 30 years, Undertaker has built a reputation for being a loyal wrestler. Fans may not think he’s so loyal after seeing him take pics with wrestlers from WWE’s rival promotion, Impact Wrestling. He didn’t jump ship, but he was holding meet and greets at a hunting event at the same time Impact had their own meet and greet.

10 Onscreen Rivals Are Friends In Real Life 

Undertaker had prolific feuds on television with JBL and has wrestled guys like Ron Simmons and Eddie Guerrero on multiple occasions. But when the cameras stopped rolling, they were all the best of friends. Or, rather, best men, as they all chipped in to served as JBL’s groomsmen during his wedding.

He Gets The Middle Seat

Anyone who has sat in the backseat with their two mates before knows the excruciating pain that comes with being squished in the middle. Usually, it is a fate that is befallen to the smallest of the trio, but in this case, Taker got squished between Kevin Nash (who, admittedly, is Taker’s exact same height at 6’10) and Scott Hall (who is 6’7).

He Does Age – A Lot

It may be easy to be fooled by the smoke and mirrors that Undertaker does not look like he has aged much in the last decade or so. But when we remove those smoke and mirrors (specifically, the hair dye and catch him on a day where he hasn’t hit the gym), he still looks like a gray-haired, out of shape old man.

He Was In A Gang

Well, sort of. Gang might be a stretch. The Bone Street Krew (as they called themselves) was a multicultural equivalent to The Kliq, though without the backstage politics. These men had such a tight-knit bond that they all got matching tattoos. Other members of the Krew included Rikishi, Savio Vega, Yokozuna, and The Godfather.

He Loves A Good Beer … With Certain People

As he was anxious to prove whenever he shared the ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin during a beer bash in the ring, The Undertaker has never been a man to turn down a beer. He was even seen in a pub during WrestleMania 32 weekend to drink up with his Mania opponent, Shane McMahon. Though he looked less impressed that fans were asking him for pictures.

Him And Paul Bearer Were Really Friends

Before he passed away, Paul Bearer was always by Undertaker’s side on and off-camera. Bearer may not have really been Taker’s manager or even his father in real life, but their bond onscreen made them great friends offscreen. Here they are in a pub drinking up with fellow wrestlers Bret Hart, Tanaka, and Sean Waltman (aka X-Pac, then 123 Kid).

Even Pros Need To Rehearse

Going into WrestleMania 9, The Undertaker was in his sixth year performing as a wrestler in his career. At that point, he had been wrestling long enough to truly be considered a professional wrestler (emphasis on professional) but even experienced pros need to rehearse their stunts, which he did when practicing his entrance for later that night.

He’s A Cleveland Cavaliers Fan

For those unaware, The Undertaker is an avid basketball fan. So much so that in 2016, when then-NBA Champions Cleveland Cavaliers were in the arena to receive their championship rings before their season opener, The Undertaker showed up in character and gifted the team with their own WWE Championship belt.

And A New York Knicks Fan

Enes Kanter is an avid wrestling fan. So much so that on top of guest appearing on WWE TV last year to win the 24/7 Championship, he told TMZ he had dreams of becoming a wrestler after he retires from the NBA. When Undertaker was readying himself for a match at Madison Square Garden, he met with the then-New York Knick and took a pic. Taker must love the Knicks.

Or Just An Enes Kanter Fan

Maybe that last pic was taken less because The Undertaker is a fan of the New York Knicks and more so because he is simply a fan of Enes Kanter himself. After all, not many people can say that they had the privilege to take a pic with Taker before he donned his costume and while he was in character.

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