Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Just Revealed His ‘Greatest’ and ‘Toughest’ Fights

The former heavyweight champion boxer recalled some of the most memorable moments from his career.

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has had a long and controversy-filled career, so when asked by Stephen Fulton, Jr. in a recent episode of Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson what his toughest fight has been, he had a couple of different answers.

“Me,” he said at first. “That’s been my toughest fight all along.”

In terms of who he rates as being among the best fighters he’s gone up against in the ring, Tyson listed several names, including Donovan Ruddock, Lennox Lewis, and Evander Holyfield—although in the case of Holyfield he didn’t specify whether he was referring to their first fight in 1996, or their notorious rematch in 1997 in which he bit off a part of his opponent’s ear.

He went on to recall another fight that stands out in his memory, as it was the only one that he took part in having smoked weed; his 2000 fight against Andrew Golota. “It didn’t last long,” he joked, referring to the fact that Golota withdrew after the first round. “I thought, this guy wasn’t worth training for… He’s a prick.”

Tyson claimed that he broke Golota’s eye socket and his jawbone, but in reality, Golota sustained a fractured cheekbone and concussion during the fight. Tyson’s victory was ultimately overturned after he tested positive for drug use, but Golota then chose to leave boxing for three years.

“I look at some of my losses as my best fights too,” he added, calling those defeats part of a “learning process.”

“I didn’t take myself seriously,” he said. “I think that’s what humble is… I knew that I wasn’t god, even though people told me I was.”

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