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Ezekiel on who won when he faced Elias in a match, says his brother used The Undertaker’s WWE move (Exclusive)

WWE’s Ezekiel recently opened up about wrestling his “elder brother” Elias during an exclusive Sportskeeda Wrestling interview with hosts Brad Gilmore and Bill Apter.

Ezekiel revealed that he stepped into the ring with Elias for a few matches while they grew up together. Unfortunately for the RAW Superstar, Elias won most of their bouts as he was the older sibling.

Ezekiel even admitted Elias hit him with The Undertaker’s tombstone piledriver on multiple occasions when they wrestled. He stayed true to his newfound character and made several noteworthy comments during a special interview with Sportskeeda, as you can view below:

“I’ve got to be honest. My older brother would win more often than not. But I’m the younger one, come on, you know! Yeah, I had a few tombstones when I was young for sure,” said Ezekiel. [4:51-5:03]

Will Ezekiel and Elias show up together in WWE?

The storyline might look questionable on paper, but the 34-year-old superstar is making the most of his new creative direction.

The crowd’s reactions to Ezekiel’s work are getting louder every week on RAW as he has the momentum ahead of a pivotal clash against Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell.

Additionally, Ezekiel explained his ambitions to win the Tag Team Championship with Elias and termed it his “ultimate dream” in professional wrestling.Also ReadArticle Continues belowElias and Ezekiel asked a wrestling legend to join them for dinner; WWE star clears confusion over his identity (Exclusive)”He invited me” – Ezekiel’s backstage conversation with a top name led to his WWE debut (Exclusive)5 Similarities between WWE Superstars Ezekiel and Elias

Irrespective of whatever happens with Ezekiel/Elias in the long run, his current angle is gradually becoming a hit amongst the fans. It would be interesting to see how the company books the star moving forward

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