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“I had to beg him not to step in” – WWE veteran asked The Undertaker not to intervene in a backstage situation

WWE veteran Michelle McCool recently recalled an incident where she asked The Undertaker not to intervene on her behalf.

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are a real-life power couple in WWE. The duo started dating more than a decade ago and tied the knot in 2010. Both The Phenom and Michelle were multi-time world champions during their tenure with the company.

On a recent episode of The Wives of Wrestling podcast, McCool recalled an incident where she asked Taker not to step in to aid her:

“I couldn’t care less what people think about me … It’s nice to get some recognition that we did play a part in that … There was one occasion that a guy really popped off for no reason, but it’s because he was dating somebody else, that I had to beg him [The Undertaker] not to step in.” [H/T – ITR Wrestling]

The 42-year-old further explained how she kept her partner away from creative discussions in WWE.

“I was like, ‘Look, I think I could beat this guy up if I needed to so I don’t even need you,’ but as far as pitching storylines or whatever, I never once, and I made it a point not to do that … It’s nice to get a little recognition that we did pave the road because we fought for everything we had. We had to fight to even get the Divas Title. It is what it is, but every minute counts.” [H/T – ITR Wrestling]


It’s safe to say that McCool handled the situation without bringing The Deadman into the mix. Divas found it challenging to get the desired screen time in WWE, and Michelle did it without much help.

Michelle McCool on people linking her accomplishments with The Undertaker

Before Andrade-Charlotte and Rollins-Becky, there were real-life power couples such as Hunter-Stephanie and Taker-McCool. In early 2010, The Deadman and McCool began dating but hid their relationship from their peers.

The duo kept their relationship a secret as Taker and Michelle were top stars in their division. Several backstage reports surfaced of McCool receiving a push as she was dating The Phenom. On the same podcast, the legend talked about people linking her achievements with the Hall of Famer.

“There were several people that I can think of that totally treated me one way when he wasn’t around,” said McCool. “And then if Mark was around, they’re treating me a different way, you know? And so I hate that crap. “It’s just stupid, but it did start making it miserable because anything I did was because I dated The Undertaker… So it really led to me being kind of miserable back there and eventually leaving.” [H/T – WrestleZone]

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McCool laid those rumors to rest through her hard work. A few years later, she retired from professional wrestling to start a family. The couple is happily married, and earlier this year, The Deadman entered the WWE Hall of Fame.

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