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Mike Tyson Has Another Heated Encounter With a Fan

Folks just don’t learn lessons easily. Mike Tyson had another intense moment with a fan at the Stevenson-Valdez fight in Las Vegas. After getting into a physical altercation on a JetBlue flight just two weeks ago, Tyson went through another situation. It is a shame that the legendary boxer has to deal with things like this. He was just enjoying a fight night and greeting fans.

Tyson attended the Shakur Stevenson and Oscar Valdez fight. It was at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, a classic venue for a matchup that important. Of course, Tyson was in attendance and took in all of the good fights that went down on the night. After, he took some photos with fans at the fight. Then, things got weird.

A woman, from behind the fighter, stuck her hand in Tyson’s face. It took him by surprise and he rightly turned around to see what was going on. The situation was caught on camera via photos. The New York Post has those photos and it looks like Tyson is very upset and frustrated with what was going on.

After the incident, Mike Tyson had security calm things down. Things were de-escalated and Tyson and his group were removed from the situation of their own volition. So, things didn’t get to where they did on the plane. Melvin Townsend III learned the hard way.

So, are we going to ever get people to learn? Of course, Tyson isn’t going to swing on anyone who bugs him just a little bit. But, let’s leave folks alone when they are just trying to be in public. No reason to do any of this stuff.

Meanwhile, Tyson has been doing his own thing. He has his own podcast, Hotboxin that he does with co-host Paul Pierce.

Mike Tyson Gracefully Deals with Another Fan

All things considered, Mike Tyson was graceful with this last fan. Things don’t always end up good as this story did. Both parties were separated and they went on their separate ways. It’s more of a hassle for Tyson to deal with stuff like this and to have to change his plans or what he is doing because of people deciding to bother him like he’s there for their entertainment and not just to see a fight.

Back when the incident with Townsend happened, Tyson was on his way to a cannabis convention in Miami. The April 21 moment was caught on camera in photos and videos. The man who bugged the former heavyweight champ walked away with some scrapes, which is lucky all things considered.

The next time Mike Tyson is out in public, just leave him alone, folks! No reason to try and become the next person that gets beat up by Iron Mike. It’s not a good place to be, the other end of a viral video as a 220+ pound fighting machine is on top of you. Hopefully, this is the last bad fan interaction for a long time for Tyson.Outsider

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