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Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul: Internet Reacts to Potential Blockbuster Fight

So, Mike Tyson is very interested in boxing Jake Paul and already the reactions are coming in. This would be a massive fight in many ways. However, it would also be a bit of a continuation of what people have complained about for a while. The celebrity boxing thing is alluring, but is it cheapening the highest levels of the sport? Well, that’s for other people to decide.

Still, there remains the question. Would you be interested in a fight between the former heavyweight champion and the YouTube star? There is a 30-year age difference. A big weight difference that one of them would have to come up or cut down to. And, for one side of this equation, the only pro is a big payday. If Paul wins, what does it amount to? Getting a W against a 55-year-old doesn’t do much for your career. Losing would just about end a career before it gets started in earnest.

With all of the rumors swirling and now Tyson himself coming out in favor of the fight, people are wondering if this is going to be real. The reactions are trickling in and will only grow in the coming days. Which of these fans are you?

The fan that is intrigued by even the idea of this match happening?

Are you more like this fan that would have their whole world crumble before them if Tyson were to lose? Honestly, it would be a big shock.

Or, are you like this fan that would pay $100 just to see the fight on TV?

Whether or not this fight happens is a question that can’t be answered right now. If Mike Tyson wants to fight Jake Paul, set aside reactions and feelings, someone get it done.

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul Reacts Show There is a Demand for Fight

Look, if folks tuned in to watch Paul fight Ben Askren, then a Tyson bout will bring in tons of views. So, it isn’t like this is a bad idea financially. It just comes down to what Paul wants to do with his boxing career. 5-0 and not a single full-time boxer on that list. So, what is the answer? he was supposed to fight Tommy Fury, but that fell apart after the British pugilist was injured in training.

While questions remain, Tyson is all about making this happen. This week he had Joe Rogan on his podcast and talked about Paul and a potential fight. “Let’s do this, Jakey!” he exclaimed. Further, the 55-year-old looks like he’s in great shape and could get in a ring. However, 30 years is a lot, and stamina, strength, and more could be an issue.

While age is a big deal, I wouldn’t say that Paul can punch harder than Tyson. So, what if the former heavyweight gets an opening and connects on a good one? If Tyron Woodley can stumble the YouTube boxer, who are we to doubt the man who won his first 19 fights by knockout, 50 overall?

These Mike Tyson and Jake Paul reacts show that people want to see it happen. Will that contract ever get signed?

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