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Mike Tyson Wants to ‘Break the Record’ for Pay-Per-View Boxing Profits With Fight Against Jake Paul

He warmed up on the plane and now Mike Tyson is ready to step in the boxing ring with Jake Paul to “break the record” in buys. If there was any matchup that could break the all-time buys record in pay-per-view boxing history, it’s Tyson and Paul. They are two big names for two very different reasons. However, there’s no doubt people would want to check it out.

While Tyson is 30 years older than the 25-year-old Jake Paul, I’m not sure it would be so cut and dry in a fight. Tyson was talking with Joe Rogan on the boxer’s podcast, Hotboxin’, and it was brought up.

“Hell yeah [I’d do it], only to break the record,” he said. The record he mentions is held by Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s 2015 fight that had 4.6-million PPV buys. “Let’s do it Jakey, God wouldn’t that be cool?”

“Jake Paul believe it or not is more profitable than the champs,” Tyson went on. “This guy probably brings about 80 million people to the table.”

In this world of celebrity boxing, this would be the biggest fight yet. Mike Tyson fighting Jake Paul. It wouldn’t tell us too much about either one of them athletically or as boxers, but it would be entertaining as hell. Despite his age and difficulty with stamina, Tyson still hits harder than just about anyone in the world. All it takes is one.

However, this wouldn’t be a grudge match or anything too intense. The two have partied together recently and are apparently on good terms. Still, this fight has been rumored off and on over the last few months. Is there more to it than just words and whispers?

Paul is known for boxing big names that draw eyeballs. A fight with Tyson could do that and more.

Mike Tyson Boxing Jake Paul Could Happen

If you are one to believe rumors then Mike Tyson and Jake Paul could end up boxing. There is a relationship between the two. Paul is not really looking to fight full-time boxers. And, Tyson has been trying to stay in shape and seems to have a new appreciation for getting back in the ring.

When those rumors started up in January, Tyson denied them saying he had no interest in the fight. Now, it seems that the interest is there. If he really believes that he could pull in 5 million PPV buys or more, why not do it? Get one last big payday in a fight that is relatively safe as far as getting injured is concerned.

The only thing is, for Jake Paul, a Mike Tyson fight doesn’t do anything for you. If you win, you beat up an old man and possibly disgraced his legacy. If you were to lose, then you got your head rocked by a 55-year-old retired fighter, even though he might be the GOAT. Paul also doesn’t fight heavyweight, and that means Tyson would have to come down in weight to make it happen.

Paul is 5-0 in his career, with little to show for it (besides mind-boggling profits). But if he wants to make a real career in the sport, he has to fight a real boxer soon. He has a fight scheduled for August, but the opponent has not been named yet.

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