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Anthony Joshua somehow thinks beating Oleksandr Usyk will make him a legend

Will Anthony Joshua become a legend if he beats Usyk in August?

Anthony Joshua does have a date with destiiny on August the 20th, he is set to fight Oleksandr Usyk for a chance to recover the Heavyweight belts he lost in their first fight. The titles he lost to Usyk were the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO titles. This would be the second time he tries to recover these belts after losing them against Andy Ruiz.

But Oleksandr Usyk (19-0 13 KOs) is very different compared to the Mexican fighter. Joshua is very aware that he might not be able to win these belts back, he suffered a humbling loss in the first bout these two had. After so many trepidations, Joshua is convinced winning this fight will turn him into a legend.

What did Anthony Joshua say?

During a recent interview with ESPN, here’s what Anthony Joshua had to say about possibly beating Usyk: “I feel when I go and beat Usyk, I’ll get the credit I deserve again. And I’ll get the admiration for being a true boxing legend. … I fought for the heavyweight championship in my 16th fight; I felt like it’s kind of overlooked. This is my 12th title fight in a row.

“I just feel like sometimes even though we’re selling out arenas and it’s good to be popular, I don’t really care for that stuff. I’d just want the respect in the division. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing that I’ve been in a ring with a fighter before, but ultimately he might come completely different.”

But what ever he thinks he has done in the sport, becoming a legend requires actually beating the biggest fighters from your era. Tyson Fury has proved repeatedly why he is the greatest Heavyweight of the last 20 years. After his trilogy against Deontay Wilder, which was absolutely legendary, he became what Joshua hopes he becomes one day.

Should he beat Usy and win those belts back, he won’t be considered a legend if he doesn’t get on the ring with Fury and defeats him. It’s simply not happening. Usyk and Ruiz were great tests for him but Fury is the ultimate challenge for a man who strives for true greatness in the Heavyweifht division

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