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Pacquiao vs Mayweather could happen by the end of the year

The "fight of the century" only needs a few conditions must be met first according to Sean Gibbons

It was one of the most important fights in boxing history, both in terms of sport and money. And now it’s on the verge of being fulfilled once more. Manny Pacquiao wishes to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the second time.

Sean Gibbons, the head of MP Promotions, stated this. Pacquiao’s desire to reclaim the gloves, according to Gibbons, is genuine. He also wants his ‘archenemy’ to be his rival

The Filipino was a candidate in his country’s presidential elections, but he did not win. He’d be willing to do it now if he didn’t achieve his political objectives.

“Senator Pacquiao would love an exhibition against Mayweather. If he came back, it would be this year, but that’s a big yes,” Gibbons told PlanetSport.

Mayweather has yet to comment on the matter, though the promoter believes the American boxer opposes this last suggestion.

When asked about the other party involved, the face of MP Promotions stated, “I’d love to see it, but Mayweather doesn’t want any of this smoke because of his ego.”

Pacquiao would have demanded that the only condition of this second fight be that it follows the rules of an exhibition fight.

The fight is expected to take place later this year, according to Gibbons. Without a doubt, we’re in for one of the greatest exhibition matches ever.

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