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Anthony Joshua Ends the Debate of Who Wins Between Prime Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali: “He Was More Developed With More Science”

Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali undoubtedly stand tall among all heavyweight champions that ever laced gloves. The pair is a synonym for boxing. The boxing world will always remain in debt to these legends for their contribution to the sport. Moreover, the pair undoubtedly took the sport to its pinnacle.

The prime days of their career are beyond appreciation. Both brought a revolution to the sport. However, they never squared off in the ring, which gave heat to a question: Who would have won if Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali fought in their primes?

Interestingly, the British heavyweight star Anthony Joshua has put forth a reasonable argument to end this query in his JD Sports Instagram Live interview last year.

Giving a detailed analysis of Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali, Joshua said, “I just believe Tyson was better schooled because times have evolved, he was more developed with more science, more information. So Tyson would have won – in my humble opinion.” [H/T The Sun]

This is not the only reason Tyson would have won, per Joshua. The former unified heavyweight champ stated other reasons too.

Reasons Anthony Joshua picked Mike Tyson over Muhammed Ali

According to the 32-year-old Brit, Ali’s era in the heavyweight class was actually a cruiserweight class in modern-day professional boxing. Therefore, when ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ took to the boxing, he was bigger in terms of weight and stronger than ‘Greatest of all Times’.

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – OCTOBER 16: Boxer Mike Tyson beats Tyrell Biggs at Convention Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey October 16 1987. (Photo by Jeffrey Asher/ Getty Images)

He said, “So the current heavyweight division in the amateurs is what we class as the cruiserweight division [in the pros], so Ali went from lightweight and worked his way up.”

Moreover, Joshua talked about Tyson’s boxing style. He is of the opinion that Tyson was a better version of the heavyweight legend Joe Frazier. Notably, Frazier had managed to defeat Ali. He was the first boxer to stop the winning streak of legendary heavyweight.

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AJ mentioned, “The reason being when you watch the fight between Joe Frazier and Ali you see a certain Tyson-esque style in Frazier. Tyson used to study Frazier: moving, moving, hooks, hooks. He managed to put Ali down, it was a very tough fight for him.”

Putting forth his reasonable school of thought, AJ finally claimed that Tyson would have won the dream fight of boxing aginst Muhammad Ali.

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