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Lennox Lewis and Shannon Sharpe Sound Off on Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr. Fight

Former professional boxer Lennox Lewis joined Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless on the sports show Undisputed to talk about the boxing match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

The long-anticipated exhibition match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. was declared a draw after eight rounds between the two boxing icons on Saturday at Staples Center.

“I thought his performance was great,” Lewis admits. “It was great to see Mike Tyson back in the ring again. A lot of people were catching some nostalgia in bringing back old times.”

Lewis says his son was the one who really put the fight into perspective for him. “He said ‘dad, can you actually believe it? I’m actually watching guys that boxed in your era.’”

Sharpe then fired a question at Lewis. “Are you suffering a nostalgia breakdown or are you trying to get back into the ring? he asked. Lewis responded, “not really.”

The entire exchange can be viewed below. Additionally, “Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story,” is available now on Crackle.

Mike Tyson Versus a Young, Heavyweight Contender

After the exchange between Lewis and Sharpe, Bayless asks the former boxer a question of his own.

“What would happen if Mike Tyson at 54 were to take on a legitimate, young contender?” Bayless asks. “I know I would pay to see it but what do you think I would see?”

Lewis’ response is rather straightforward.

“You would see a young man against an old man,” Lewis replies. “There’s a time when boxers need to stop because the young guys are just hungrier. 54 is the wrong time to be boxing again.”

However, boxing legend George Foreman might disagree with that sentiment. He believes Mike Tyson could teach some of the younger boxers a few things. He said he thinks Tyson, who is 54, could make a run for the heavyweight title.

“If he gets 3 more exhibitions like that. At that level, I would even back him in challenging any title contender, even a champion,” Foreman told TMZ Sports. “If the right situation arrived, Mike Tyson could be in for a good title shot … and [with 3 more] of these exhibitions, he can beat some of these guys who can be champion out there.”

Foreman would like to see Tyson take on contenders like Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, or Deontay Wilder. He thinks Tyson, who became heavyweight champion at age 20, could beat some of his younger competition.

“If you go 8 two-minute rounds, I’d back Tyson,” Foreman said. “10 two-minute rounds, I’d back Tyson!”

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