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It’s one of professional wrestling’s most iconic images from outside the ring — but as The Undertaker revealed on this week’s “Out of Character,” it’s not at all what we thought it was.

In case you’re unfamiliar, there is a famous picture of The Undertaker standing next to an older woman in what looks to be her living room. For decades, we all believed she was someone related to Mark Calaway, whether it was his grandma or mom (the urban legend differs, depending on whom you ask).

But nope! As Undertaker told me this week, not only is that old woman not his grandmother or mother, but also, he has no idea who she was. 

In fact, he doesn’t even know why he was in her house:

UNDERTAKER: “The funny thing about this is I have no clue who that is. I honestly have no idea who that is and why I’m in that lady’s house. I have seen that picture many times, and it’s always either ‘my mom’ or ‘my grandmother’ — I got no clue. I got no clue, but you can tell, yep, that’s the way I dressed, that’s the way I looked, there’s no smile. If that was Nana, I’d at least have some kind of smile.”

As several fans tweeted in response, this might be the biggest betrayal from The Undertaker since we learned he isn’t really related to Kane — but this does raise a bigger question:

Ryan Satin is a WWE analyst for FOX Sports. Satin previously appeared on FS1’s “WWE Backstage” and founded Pro Wrestling Sheet, where he broke countless news stories as editor-in-chief.

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