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Mike Tyson Believes One ‘Beast’ Could Have Snatched Floyd Mayweather’s Perfect 50–0 Record

The retired world champions, Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson, are the biggest boxing stars across the globe. Both respect each other but never hesitate to go against each other on several subjects. One of them is that ‘The Pretty Boy’ considers himself the greatest boxer of all times, whereas ‘The Baddest Man on Planet’ believes that certainly, Mayweather is one of the greatest legends the boxing world has ever produced, but he is not the greatest.

Additionally, he also believes that there had been one fighter in history that could have challenged Mayweather. Tyson branded that fighter as a ‘beast’.

In an exclusive interview with ‘The Pivot’, the 55-year-old told, “I’m not saying from Floyd as anybody I think Floyd’s bad but I think he might even be challenged when what 90s and those in 87. You know, before he lost. Sugar Ray Robinson had he was like 175-1 and like 85 knockouts and that wasn’t even the end of his career that was in the middle of his career.”

Furthermore, he added, “You know he finished fighting and had 200 fights and probably had a close to 100 knockouts, 91 knockouts and he was just a beast. Not only fought for 26 years. I’m talking about some really nasty monster savage sh*t.”

Often regarded as pound-for-pound greatest of all time, Sugar Ray Robinson undoubtedly sits at the pinnacle of boxing. Throughout his career of over 25 years, the champion fought 201 bouts and won 174 of them. His knockout record defines the power the champ had during his reign. He scored 109 knockout victories.DIVE DEEPERMike Tyson Unveils How He Took “Revenge” on “Motherfckng a**hole” Don King Who Took “All the Money”21 days ago

However, this was not the first time when Tyson rejected Mayweather’s declaration.

Mike Tyson slammed Mayweather for Ali’s comment

The two-time heavyweight champion Tyson once ripped Mayweather for calling himself greater than Ali. According to Tyson, ‘Money’ Mayweather was delusional.

He did not consider Mayweather even close to the great Muhammad Ali. Giving an example of carrying kids to school, Tyson said, “Greatness is not guarding yourself from the people, greatness is being accepted by the people.”

So the tone of exchange between Mayweather and Tyson has always been bold and savage.

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