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20 Photos That Change The Way We See Manny Pacquiao

His rise has been meteoric. When he was at his peak, knockouts became automatic every time he unleashed the "Manila Ice."

It’s hard not to marvel when we look back at Manny Pacquiao’s career.

His rise has been meteoric. When he was at his peak, knockouts became automatic every time he unleashed the “Manila Ice.”

From a nation that is so crazy in love with basketball, it took a southpaw from the remote southern part of the Philippines to bring back the ‘Thrilla in Manila’, and gravitate the fans towards the sweet science at a time when the sport’s heavyweights and biggest draws shrunk.

So let’s walk down memory lane and take a peek at 20 pics that changed the way the world viewed the man who will go down in history as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

20 Humble Beginnings

From the dark alley of the streets in the Philippines to the bright lights of Las Vegas, Manny Pacquiao’s Rocky-like story is a stuff of legend. His mother wanted him to become a priest but his true calling was inside the ring. Pacquiao’s dream of becoming a pro boxer started when he watched Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson with his uncle Sardo Mejia.

19 Sensational US Debut

After earning his spur in the local and Asian boxing circuit winning the WBC and lineal flyweight titles, Pacquiao made the big jump to super bantamweight. Pacquiao burst onto the US boxing scene in 2001 when he dethroned then IBF super bantamweight champion Lehlo Ledwaba via sixth-round TKO as a replacement fighter on just two weeks notice.

18 Climbing Up The Ranks

Manny Pacquiao started his ascent to greatness when he stopped then reigning Ring Magazine champion Marco Antonio Barrera in a non-title bout in 2003.  The resounding 11th round TKO victory erased all doubts that Pacquiao could bring his speed and power to the featherweight ranks.

17 PPV Star Was Born

Manny Pacquiao’s star went supernova during his trilogy with Erik Morales. Despite losing the first bout via unanimous decision, it was clear that Pacquiao’s electrifying style was what the fans craved for since the Mike Tyson era. Pacquiao stormed back in the next two fights in 2006 and dealt Morales the worst beating of his career.

16 Golden Boy’s Sunset

In 2008, Manny Pacquiao went up two classes to send Oscar De La Hoya into retirement.  In what was dubbed as the Dream Match, the fight turned out to be a passing of the torch as Pacquiao battered the heavily favored Golden Boy in a shocking eight-round demolition.

15 Iced Cold Knockout

Manny Pacquiao delivered the best knockout win in his illustrious career against British star Ricky Hatton for the IBO, The Ring and lineal welterweight championship.  The vicious victory was named Knockout of the Year by The Ring Magazine. The loss put Hatton on a tailspin as he was never the same again and went on to battle depression.

14 Growing Power

Manny Pacquiao continued his onslaught and proved he belonged in the welterweight division when he stopped Mexican slugger Miguel Cotto for the WBO belt. The 12th round stoppage earned Pacquiao an unprecedented seventh world title. He was no doubt at the peak of his powers.

13 Historic Win

Manny Pacquiao clinched a historic eight-division title when he disfigured the face of Antonio Margarito for the WBC super welterweight championship. Despite giving up five and a half inches in height and 17 lbs in weight, Pac was able to gobble up the bigger Margarito leaving him with a debilitating eye injury.

12 How The Mighty Has Fallen

All good things must come to an end. Pacquiao’s legendary run atop the boxing ring came to a screeching halt when his arch rival Juan Manuel Marquez III punched his name to the Hall of Fame with an epic knockout win in their fourth and final meeting. The Mexican counter-puncher proved to be Pac-Man’s kryptonite.

11 Chasing Mayweather’s Ghost

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will always be associated as the two best boxers of their generation. While Pacquiao blitzed his way to the record books as the only eight-division champion, Mayweather, on the other hand, earned the distinction of having an immaculate professional record including a huge win against him in 2015.

10 The Father He’s Never Had

There will be no Manny Pacquiao without Freddie Roach. Their partnership has produced one of the greatest runs in boxing history. It’s no secret that Pacquiao grew up without his estranged father. In Roach, Pacquiao not only found a trainer but also a father-figure who has no qualms of giving him advice and telling him the painful truths that he won’t get from his yes-men.

Best Friends Forever

Buboy Fernandez has always remained in Manny Pacquiao’s corner through thick and thin. From his misadventures in Manila to his legacy-building odyssey in the US, Fernandez was the only constant in Pacquiao’s life aside from his family. Pacquiao pulled his best friend out of the dark streets of General Santos and tagged him along to his success. The janitor-turned trainer always sheds tears every time he tells the story of how Pacquiao saved him.

Get That Ball

Like any Filipino kid, Manny Pacquiao grew up playing basketball. While boxing became his ticket out of poverty, basketball never left his heart. He lived out his dream playing professional basketball when he was picked 11th overall in the draft by the Kia franchise in the Philippines Basketball Association, the oldest pro league in Asia.

From Ring To Acting

Manny Pacquiao also dipped his hands into acting starting as extra in some local films in the Philippines. He had a couple of starring roles but unlike in boxing, success eluded him this time.  Pacquiao also hosted a TV show Pinoy Records and starred in a TV sitcom Show Me Da Manny.

And Even Singing

Manny Pacquiao with his deep Visayan accent became a novelty hit. Pacquiao’s singing career was highlighted by his viral “Sometimes When We Touch” rendition on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. From 2006 to 2015, he released three albums and several singles mostly in Filipino.

The Entourage

Manny Pacquiao is literally and figuratively the People’s Champ. It’s always a circus atmosphere in his training camp as throngs of hanger-ons try to outmaneuver one another in the hierarchy of his inner circle. His US homes and hotels are always packed every time he fights.

Car Guy

Manny Pacquiao’s blinding speed inside the ring must be matched in the fast lane. Pacquiao’s fleet has all the luxury cars that all men would die to have. Ferrari, Mercedez, Hummer, Porsche, Navigator, Escalade are just some of the hot wheels in his collection. And just last year, he gifted his son Jimuel a Corvette Stringray.

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Manny Pacquiao is fortunate to have two women in his life. A self-confessed mama’s boy, Pacquiao revealed that his mother Dionisia and his wife Jinkee initially didn’t get along well but time has soothed all the misunderstandings. After surviving the challenges of their married life and his conversion to Christian faith, Pacquiao seems to have been showering his wife with affection and luxury collection.

Still Mighty At 40

Part of Manny Pacquiao’s boxing lore is his longevity which he owes to his discipline in training and his knack for reinventing himself. Those traits have enabled him to survive those harrowing losses that could have sent lesser fighters into retirement. Last year, Pacquiao just became the oldest welterweight champion defeating a much younger Keith Thurman.

Future President?

Mirroring Manny Pacquiao’s ascent on top of the boxing world is his political career. From a losing congressional bet to finally winning a seat in the House of Representatives and now a senator of the Republic, Pacquiao the underdog has won the hearts of masses. While there are rumblings and dissenting opinions among the elites, his big heart has given him a fighting chance to become a president one day in what could be the biggest fight he’ll face outside the ring.

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