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Twitter Dunks On Logan Paul After Claiming He Can Beat Mike Tyson

Twitter users roasted Paul for his heinous claim given Tyson's boxing history and that age is far from a negative factor.

YouTuber Logan Paul has been at the center of controversy alongside his younger brother Jake Paul, and has been given a reputation for the ridiculous things he’s done ever since the infamous vlog where he went to the suicide forest in Japan. This, alongside his other smaller, but concerning controversies, nearly ended up costing his job as a YouTuber.

In a change of events that surprised the YouTube community and the internet in general, Paul took up boxing. Even if the older Paul might have been extremely dedicated to training, the internet has been critical of his recent matches due to either being rigged or intentionally staged in order for both him and his opponent to get paid hefty amounts of money.

Paul has fought against fellow YouTuber KSI, and recently Floyd Mayweather. His eyes are currently set on the legendary boxer Mike Tyson, claiming that he can beat him due to his age. Twitter users roasted Paul for his heinous claim given Tyson’s boxing history and that age is far from a negative factor.

The Paul brothers might have their dedicated fans, but it is common on sites like Twitter to see that a lot of social media users do not like them one bit. Before the Mayweather fight, Twitter users were banking hard on him being able to take Paul down due to his title as the former five-division world champion. Boxing fans were extremely disappointed at how the fight ended, as there were many memes that focused on Paul “hugging” Mayweather more than trying to get knockouts.

So when Paul made his claim that no one can tell him he couldn’t take on Tyson, the internet was quick to side with Tyson. The iconic boxer has not made an official comment on the situation as of late, but fans have been sharing the following quote from him, “Social media made you all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it.” From memes to short video clips, Twitter users had fun joking around, but also love the idea of Tyson taking on Paul with no issue whatsoever.

A potential match between Paul and Tyson could lead to one of the biggest boxing matches in history, and there will be many supporters for the latter hoping that he would beat the heck out of Paul. Age has not been a problem for Tyson, as he continues to train daily and has shown no signs of stopping. Paul better watch out.

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