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Undertaker Believes WWE Raw Decision Revolutionized Wrestling Business

It’s been a hot topic among fans that a new era of “WWE Monday Night Raw” may be on the horizon, first with the news that the program may return to its TV-14 content rating, and then the information that former-NXT boss Triple H would be heading WWE creative in the wake of Vince McMahon resigning in controversy.

The Undertaker recently reflected on how “WWE Monday Night Raw” was the original harbinger of a new era. The WWE Hall of Famer main evented the premiere episode of Raw on January 11th, 1993, nearly 30 years ago, wrestling Damien Demento in a win on the flagship program.

“We had no idea that this was about to revolutionize the wrestling business,” Undertaker told the SDCC panel. According to Taker, back before the debut of “Raw,” the then-WWF would “do three weeks of TV three days in a row, and then we’d be out touring.”

Taker explained the process of working with “extras” during the days when WWE would save more significant matches for PPVs and live events. “They used to be called ‘jobbers,’ but I guess that’s [inappropriate]. If you’re an ex-jobber, don’t be woke and cancel me,” Undertaker chuckled, “You can’t, but go ahead.”

“Then Monday Night Raw comes along,” Undertaker continued, “and we’re gonna be live every Monday night, and that really did just change the scope of the wrestling business. No longer did you have Undertaker versus somebody in an enhancement match.” It became a necessity to have “top guys going against top guys every Monday night” in the name of keeping the live ratings high.

“If you were going to keep a live show, you had to put the best out that you could.” Taker concluded, “One of the greatest things to happen in the modern era of wrestling is going live on Monday Night Raw.”

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