Kendall Jenner’s Latest Look Is Technically Two-In-One

Talk about a full look: Today, Kendall Jenner took to Instagram to reveal her two-in-one outfit. The supermodel first posted an image of herself barefoot wearing a cowboy hat and a curve-skimming, semi-sheer psychedelic print Jean Paul Gaultier dress from the spring 2000 collection. KJ was presumably somewhere in Hawaii given the lush setting and the caption “Humuhumunukunukuapua’a”, which is Hawaiian for a reef triggerfish (and a song from High School Musical 2.) In the second slide, Jenner wriggled herself out of the dress to show a matching JPG suit set that included a pair of high-waisted, French-cut bottoms. The whole ensemble was sourced from the dealer Anita Todorova of Opulent Addict.

Kendall has worn rare archival pieces from the label several times. This past October, she opted for an eagle print sheer Jean Paul Gaultier skirt and top, while a few months later in December, she wore another curve-hugging number from the late ’90s with an X-ray print. Finally, who can forget when she wore a Venus de Milo T-shirt, which was later worn by her sister Kourtney?

It’s certainly a killer look and a cheeky way of showing it off. And as vintage becomes more popular, expect to see the prices of those coveted Jean Paul Gaultier pieces rise thanks to Ms. Jenner.

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