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The Weird Way Mike Tyson Is Prepping For His Fight

As he revealed on IG, Tyson is spending his prep time feeding the pigeons, as a way to relax.

For Mike Tyson, his return is a lot more than just a big payday. It goes deeper than that, according to his interview with Haute Living, he’s doing it for all the retired athletes out there, showing them you can relive your greatness.

Tyson also admits, the challenge itself encouraged him to get back into shape;

“What else am I going to do?” he wonders. “Sit around and make a bunch of money being a businessman with weed and stuff? I need some blood and pain in my life. My wife didn’t want me to do it but I said, ‘Babe, I need to test myself. I’m sitting around on my ass all day, I’m fat, I’m not doing [anything], so let’s do something. I’m living too easy over here.”

“This is me testing myself,” he admits. “I’ve never felt like this, the way that I’m feeling now in my life. I’m focused on my health, on doing good. I needed something else, and I’m [still] searching for it, to be honest with you. But I’m on my way, I feel great, I feel connected. I’ve done this 100 times; I know I can do this.”

In the meantime, he’s prepping for the fight, taking a different approach.

Feeding The Pigeons

As he revealed on IG, Tyson is spending his prep time feeding the pigeons, as a way to relax

According to Tyson, the pigeons represent the simplicity of his life;

“I’m no big shot — I’m the simplest guy in the world and I just want to do little things that help little people in a big way,” he declares. “What Mike Tyson is about, what I’m about, is my pigeons, my family, being grateful, trying to make people’s lives better and my f***ing [designer] clothes that I never, ever wear — that I buy and put in the goddamn closet [and just sit there].”

We can’t wait to see Tyson back in the ring and as he stated, winning isn’t enough this time around;

“Ready to win is an understatement,” he says. “I’m ready to conquer the glory that I deserve.”

It’ll truly put the cherry on top – cementing one of the greatest comebacks.

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