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A Look At The Undertaker And Kane’s Bromance, In Photos

The following pictures highlight the bromance of Undertaker and Kane.

The Undertaker and Kane formed a very real bond in real life during their time working together in WWE. Glen Jacobs struggled with prior characters like Isaac Yankem and a fake version of Diesel. Undertaker handpicked Jacobs to get the role of Kane when WWE wanted another big man to play his long-lost brother returning with Paul Bearer.

WWE did everything possible with Undertaker and Kane from their multiple feuds against each other in different eras of their careers to the tag team work as the Brothers of Destruction. The legends became close friends behind the scenes just as close as brothers on television. Find out more about how much the legends enjoyed each other. The following pictures highlight the bromance of Undertaker and Kane.

14 Looking back on their victims

The Undertaker and Kane always had great poses or expressions during their various character changes. Their time together as a team saw this cool photo snapped of them both looking back at the ring together. No one stood a chance against the Brothers of Destruction at their peak and they loved looking back at the damage they inflicted.

13 Making history together

The rivalry between The Undertaker and Kane saw them having a few wild matches under unique stipulations. WWE came up with the new concept of an Inferno match that put them against each other. Undertaker and Kane delivered a spectacle with the first-ever Inferno match trying to set each other on fire.

12 Undertaker as Kane

Fans were shocked to witness this moment during the Attitude Era when The Undertaker revealed he was wearing Kane’s mask and gear during a noteworthy segment. Vince McMahon thought Kane was there to protect him, but Undertaker was the one ready to attack him. The friends were close enough for Undertaker to appear as Kane for a few minutes with no one in the audience realizing it.

11 First match against each other

WrestleMania 14 saw The Undertaker and Kane have the biggest moment in their feud. The first match between the two was the semi-main event of the top show of the year. Undertaker won to continue his undefeated WM streak, but Kane was a star due to the program. This is the visual they’ll most remember for their matches against each other.

10 Last time together

The Crown Jewel match of Triple H and Shawn Michaels vs Kane and The Undertaker was quite disappointing, but it marked a few special moments. This is most likely the last time Undertaker and Kane would team up in a match. Both legends made the trip to Saudi Arabia for both a huge pay day and the opportunity to work together again.

Brothers of Destruction

The name of the Brothers of Destruction is not just a cute term for branding purposes. Kane and The Undertaker were two of the most intimidating wrestlers on the WWE roster. This image showed how terrifying it was for their opponents trying to face them, especially if they were holding weapons.

First time uniting

WWE paired The Undertaker and Kane together in late 1998 for the first time. Both brothers were tasked with having to dethrone Steve Austin’s WWE Championship reign as per Vince McMahon’s requests. Undertaker and Kane showed great chemistry just standing in the ring together like the visual associated with their first run together.

Stopping the Invasion

The Invasion was a flawed storyline for many reasons when WCW and ECW tried to take over WWE. However, one positive was the peak tag team run of The Undertaker and Kane. Many wrestlers jumped ship, but the Brothers of Destruction were the most consistent and dominant stars for WWE. Undertaker and Kane easily defeated most of the WCW and ECW teams.

Unspoken bond

WWE booked a fun interaction of The Undertaker leaving at the end of his segment when Kane was heading to the ring for his match on Raw. The brothers didn’t even have any words or physical contact, but one glare was all fans needed to view it as a special moment.

New friends

Kane found another tag team partner to have a special run later in his career with Daniel Bryan as Team Hell No. The Undertaker helped them both out when saving the duo from The Shield’s attack. Kane had the cool moment of interacting with the two tag partners that became extremely close friends of him.

Sharing Taker’s entrance

The Undertaker’s entrance is the most popular among longtime WWE fans. WWE typically joined elements of both Undertaker and Kane’s entrance in the early 2000s. This one was shown later in their careers when using Undertaker’s theme and stage setup. Kane was a perfect fit doing the entrance with Undertaker with this picture providing a great memory.

Legendary pose

The Undertaker and Kane started to each place their fists in the air as their pose in the early 2000s. Fans loved it and associated the pose throughout their WWE careers when teaming up. The picture shown here provided the best visual of them doing the pose in the 2010s during one of their rare times together later in their careers.

Undertaker breaking character for Kane’s event

Kane ran a few events with WWE superstars showing up during his campaign to become Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. The Undertaker broke character for one of the rare times in his career making an appearance without the gimmick. Both guys took pictures with the fans as the profits went towards Kane’s campaign that he eventually won.

Honoring a mentor

Paul Bearer held a special place in the careers of both The Undertaker and Kane. WWE made him the storyline father of them both, but he was a father-like figure to both wrestlers outside of the ring. The Undertaker and Kane each showed respect to Bearer shortly after his passing with this moment honoring his life.

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