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Here’s How Undertaker’s Boneyard Is Reminiscing Of Buried Alive

The Undertaker returned to his old "American Badass" persona to face AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match.

The match was taped in an old abandoned warehouse with a cemetery nearby. Essentially, the word “Boneyard” refers to a graveyard or a cemetery.

The rules of this match are as the following: There are no pinfalls, submissions or count outs. The only way to gain victory against the opponent is by burying him inside the graveyard and covering them with dirt with any equipment such as shovels, wheelbarrows and even bulldozers.

The rules of this unusual match also reminded some wrestling fans of the infamous “Buried Alive Match” that used to take place in WWE. Throughout its history, the company held these kinds of bouts five times, with The Undertaker being involved in all of them.

For the first time since 2003, The Undertaker returned to his old “American Badass” biker persona and made his way to the warehouse with his Harley Davidson Motorcycle. While AJ Styles came with a Hearse car and was placed inside a coffin, mocking The Undertaker’s character.

At the early stages of the match, The Deadman hurt his elbow while trying to land a hit on AJ Styles; he ended up breaking the Hearse car’s glass and started to bleed. Nevertheless, he continued the match without healing his wound so that the action would seem more realistic in the eyes of the audience.

When The Deadman started getting the upper hand of the match, AJ Styles had his backup with OC (Only Club) members Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson interfering and attacking The Undertaker.

The conclusion of the match saw The Undertaker hitting his finisher on all of his three opponents: He nailed Karl Anderson with the “Tombstone Piledriver” on top of the Warehouse, he then hit Gallows and Styles with a Chokeslam while being on top of the building as well.

The Undertaker would later drag AJ Styles until he finally dropped him six feet inside the graveyard. He later proceeded to empty a big chunk of dirt to bury his opponent alive.

The Undertaker’s theme song was played when he revealed AJ’s name written on the tomb. It is worth mentioning that Metallica’s Now That We’re Dead was played during The Undertaker’s entrance and exit as well from the old warehouse.

Flashback to Buried Alive In 2010

As for the “Buried Alive Match”, it occurred in the Pay-Per-View known as “Bragging Rights” on October 24, 2010. The two participants were The Undertaker and the reigning World Heavyweight Champion Kane who was then accompanied by his manager Paul Bearer.

Both competitors were engaged in a long feud that saw them compete in two different pay-per-views: “Night of Champions” and “Hell in a Cell”. It was The Big Red Monster that emerged victorious in both events thanks to the help of Paul Bearer who made his return as The Undertaker’s manager, but he soon turned on him and helped Kane instead.

The Match began while both wrestlers were brawling on the entrance ramp, at ringside, and even into the audience before finally heading to the ring. Kane was in control at the beginning, striking his rival with a steel chair, plus he hit him with two choke slams and carried him until reaching the burial site.

However, The Undertaker retaliated by locking Kane with the “Hell’s Gate” submission move, he then successfully managed to push “The Big Red Monster” into the grave.

It all seemed as we were about to crown a New World Heavyweight Champion. However, The Undertaker was ambushed by four members of the faction known as “The Nexus”. The assault bought Kane enough time to escape the grave and finally hit his rival with Paul bearer’s urn; he then managed to bury him alive by throwing dirt using a Bulldozer.

Throughout the history of WWE, these two legendary competitors are known for being one of the best tag teams, as well as the worst enemies. After this match, The Undertaker and Kane would not cross paths until 2012, during the 1000th episode of Raw when the latter was ambushed by six superstars. The Deadman helped him and fended off his attackers.

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