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Mike Tyson walks with the aid of a cane, should we worry about it?

Former world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, was captured on video while walking with the help of a cane outside a hotel in New York, which sparked concern among his fans considering that a few days ago he mentioned that “his expiration date” was near.

On the occasion of a visit to the city of the Bronx, Tyson was captured by TMZ cameras while walking from his car to the entrance of the hotel and when they asked close sources about the cane used by the fighter they assured that he is just dealing with wear and tear problems at 56 years old.

“He’s dealing with a sciatic (nerve) attack,” TMZ’s sources revealed.

“Nothing serious. Just an occupational hazard for an athlete like Mike,” they added.

What alarmed Tyson’s fans was that the photos came just days after his statements on the ‘Hotboxin’ podcast where he claimed he had an “expiration date.”

“We’re all going to die someday, of course. So, when I look in the mirror, I see those little spots on my face and I go ‘Wow! That indicates that my expiration date is coming up,” the heavyweight assured in the production available on YouTube.

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