John Wayne

John Wayne’s Granddaughter Wrote The Song “God Bless John Wayne” In Honor of His 100th Birthday

John Wayne, who starred in countless popular Westerns and was nominated three times for the Academy Award during his 50 years in the film industry, is without a doubt one of Hollywood’s most iconic movie stars. Some of his most notable performances include True Grit, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Rio Bravo, The Searchers, and Stagecoach, among others – which stood to be timeless and keep on collecting a large fan base until today.

More than forty years past his death in 1979, Wayne remains an iconic staple in the film industry. His legacy will continue for a long time – not just because of the greatest films that he made but also through this heartwarming ballad his granddaughter, Jennifer Wayne, wrote in honor of him.

Jennifer Wayne is a celebrity in her own right! She’s a singer, songwriter, and founding member of the country music trio Runaway June. The group used to be Carrie Underwood’s supporting act, and you may know them for their breakthrough hit “Buy My Own Drinks” in 2018.

Sadly, Jennifer never had the chance to meet her iconic grandfather. Wayne died three years before she was born. But that did not stop her from expressing her respect and gratitude for the man he was and the values he instilled in her family.

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