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Here’s Why WWE’s The Undertaker Has Hulk Hogan To Thank For His Career

Hulk Hogan was impressed with The Undertaker's skills both as a pro wrestler and actor, he suggested to Vince McMahon that Taker must be given a shot.

Not Everything Is Known About The Deadman

The multi-faceted career of the Phenom, The Undertaker remains under the covers largely due to his mystical character. “Nobody knew how many times I died and I was dead until the Internet came along, it ruined it all”, says Mark Calaway about his character “the Undertaker” in an interview with Ed Young.

Undertaker has been a legend in Pro Wrestling for more than 25 years. This is exactly how many of us know him often forgetting that there is much more beneath the surface that is unknown. Looking at his past, this can be interpreted that there have been multiple influences and hands that have had a role to play in bringing Taker to where he is now. One such hand was the sensational, Hulk Hogan, the Hulkster.

Undertaker is an all-around talent, starting his career as a basketball player. He played basketball in a college in Texas. Following his interest in the sport, Undertaker made a move to Wesleyan Texas where he was a part of the 1985-86 basketball session playing for Rams of TWU. What he’d be like in NBA!

How Hogan And Taker Met For The First Time

His final destination was calling and Taker heard the call at the right time. Taker was signed on WWE as “Kane the Undertaker”, his first illustrious character. Hogan came to know about Taker’s presence in the building and they got close. Impressed with his skills both as a pro wrestler and actor, Hogan suggested Vince McMahon that Taker must be given a shot. Hogan couldn’t be wrong provided his love for Hollywood. Hogan’s advice was considered and Taker never looked back.

In an interview Hogan shared how the Undertaker was born, he said, “I was shooting for Suburban Commando and needed a few big aliens, that is where I met Mark. Once we were done shooting, we became good friends and I brought him to New York from LA to meet Vince. Vince looked at him, a monstrous guy standing 6 feet 10 inches tall, up and down and said I’m gonna call you the Undertaker. That is how Undertaker was born, right in front of my very eyes.”

Hogan is highly appreciative of Taker’s performance, in the same interview he adds on and says, “Undertaker worked the heck out the gimmick. The Undertaker, Mark Calaway has done a great job and we have nothing but respect for him.”

The Legacy Of The Taker

Undertaker is widely regarded as one of the greatest pro-wrestlers in the world. It hadn’t been long before Kane the Undertaker was rebranded as the horror-themed, deadly, The Undertaker. His character was a total badass, a soul reaper with supernatural connections. His interactions with his opponents would quite often see the employment of scare tactics. WWE touched the peak in the 90s, thanks to Taker’s strong presence. That was also the time when Undertaker rose to unparalleled fame as the top-rated wrestler on WWE.

Undertaker Has Fought Some Of The Best

Taker’s bout record contains some of the best battles of the WWE. His fight against Steve Austin in 1999 drew everybody’s attention and stands as the highest-rated segment in Raw’s history. Undertaker has battled against top wrestlers such as Yokozuna, Brock Lesnar, John Cena and the one and only Hulk Hogan. In the main event of SmackDown in 2002, Taker choke-slammed Hogan to win the WWE Championship.

One of the longest streaks in sports at Wrestlemania was when Taker registered a record 21 consecutive victories against some of the best wrestlers in the industry. Not much to say, Taker has proved why he is counted among the GOATs.

Taker Has Made It To The Top Of The Game

The thoughts of his colleagues define what sort of a persona the Deadman carries. WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, once said, “No question, the Undertaker is the greatest big man in the history of wrestling, there is no greater WWE star ever than Undertaker.”  Additionally, Undertaker is favorite to many including Vince McMahon and Mark Henry. Taker’s perseverance can be credited with bringing him at the top of the game.

WWE’s Attitude Era found Taker as the most prolific performer. Undertaker has come a long way and even after 30 years of rocksteady presence, he has some more strong juice left. As a result, his run seems to be never-ending despite the fact that it has slowed down. In a year, the Deadman rises just once or twice. In Wrestlemania 36, he is set to be in action against AJ Styles. To date, nobody has any idea how far the deadman can go.

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