Kylie Jenner Trolled Kendall On TiKTok For Her Viral Cucumber Meme

Watch Kylie Jenner troll Kendall Jenner in a new TikTok from Kourtney and Travis’s wedding, making fun of her sister’s viral cucumber cutting clip.

No one can troll you quite like a sibling can, as evidenced by Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s latest sister-sister moment.

Kylie recently seized the opportunity to tease her older sister over that viral cucumber-cutting moment from The Kardashians show on Hulu, where Kendall implements a… shall we say, unique style of using a knife to slice a cucumber. The clip quickly became a meme; not only does Kendall do an extremely awkward job cutting the cucumber, Mama Kris Jenner looks moderately horrified at her child’s cooking skills. Kylie couldn’t resist referencing the now-iconic moment in a TikTok from Kourtney and Travis Barker’s wedding in Portofino, Italy, captioning a video of herself with Kendall: “Me and cucumber girl.”

In the video, the sisters are seen on the dance floor at the post-wedding party, with the aforementioned “cucumber girl” doing a silly little dance in front of the camera while Kylie smirks in the background. Do we think she was planning the caption while the video was being shot?

Kendall is well aware of the cucumber meme; she even responded to it on Twitter after the clip aired on the show. When a fan said her cutting was “the most tragic thing I’ve ever witnessed,” Kendall shared the tweet and added “Tragic!” We love a celeb who can laugh at herself, and clearly she’s not taking the viral moment too seriously.

The sisters are pros at trolling each other, as Kardashian fans have long known. There are countless examples of family pranks throughout the original E! series’s run, including one where Kendall dressed up like Kylie with a pink wig and lots of lipstick. Are the sister pranks and trolls making a comeback? If so, it’s your move, Kendall.

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