See Gal Gadot Wearing Tight Yoga Outfit In Sexy Video

When it comes to appearing on screent, it would seem that Gal Gadot can do almost no wrong. Whether she’s donning a superhero suit in the DC Extended Universe or an international art thief, the actress has had some of the biggest movies out there in recent years. And her Instagram feed is full of great stuff as well, with plenty of updates on what the actress is up to and what she’s endorsing. Social media is just another window into the life of a celebrity and recently Gal Gadot put up a sexy video, even if it is a bit trippy, of her dancing to one of her go-to food items.

The Gal Gadot Instagram post has her in a tight blue yoga outfit, doing a dance that ends up splitting to show three of the actress all at once. It’s a bit weird, but the overall effect is there. The post was for Goodles, a mac & cheese brand that Gal Gadot has been working with of late. The video has her dancing and working out before grabbing a bowl to enjoy. It’s not the first time we’ve seen her endorse the brand with Goodles releasing a pic the other day from the same photoshoot. Check out Gal Gadot getting her dance on in a sexy outfit and see why three of the actress is better than one.

It hasn’t taken long for this Gal Gadot post to get massive traction on Instagram. As of this writing, there were more than 300,000 likes for the video with fans ringing positively around what they were seeing in the video. And it’s not all that surprising considering the following Gal Gadot has on the platform. She’s among the most-followed accounts out there with 84.8 million and counting. That’s good enough to rank her 37th overall worldwide. An impressive number all things considered and a testament to just the kind of superpower she’s bringing when posting things on her feed. It’s something Goodles surely recognizes.

As for what Gal Gadot has coming on the movie front, well, it’s going to be a pretty busy couple of years for the actress. She’s currently in post-production on Disney’s Snow White in which she’ll play the Evil Queen opposite Rachel Zegler’s titular character. There’s no firm release date on when we will get that film though it’s sure to be a pretty massive hit when it finally comes around. And she’s also currently filming Heart of Stone a spy film from Tom Harper which also includes Jamie Dornan as a co-star.

Plus she’s had Cleopatra in the works for some time which was originally supposed to reunite her with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. The movie is still set to move forward but Jenkins has moved to a producer role instead. And finally, we are likely to get Wonder Woman 3 at some point though there is no firm production timeline on that film. In the meantime, Gal Gadot has plenty to work on with enough snacks to keep her moving as well.

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