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“It’s just next-level stuff” – The Undertaker discusses his collection of action figures

The Undertaker discussed his enormous collection of action figures at San Diego Comic Con.

The Phenom has wrestled for over three decades in WWE. He has been a part of various eras and worked with different superstars in the company. Earlier this year, he entered the WWE Hall of Fame in front of his friends and family.

During his years working for the company, Taker has transformed himself and molded him into a different character. WWE has capitalized on Taker’s work by creating his own action figures over the past few decades. Speaking at San Diego Comic Con, the 57-year-old discussed his collection of action figures:

“I have every action figure that’s ever been done of me… To have one [action figure] was incredible, but to be able to step on at least twenty in the middle of the night, it’s just next-level stuff.” [H/T – EWrestling]

It was an interesting revelation by The Deadman. However, Matt Cardona once mentioned how Taker booted him out of the locker room for speaking about his action figures.

What is The Undertaker doing after retirement?

The Undertaker, real name “Mark Callaway” dedicated his life to sports entertainment for three decades. After becoming an iconic character, Taker always did the job for the boss. He sold tickets and was one of the biggest attractions in the WWE shows.

The Deadman also went through changes in his character, such as American Badass, which was a different take from the regular Phenom. After years of being The Taker of Souls, Callaway’s age and injuries caught him up.

In 2020, he defeated AJ Styles in a Boneyard match to close WrestleMania 36 Night 1. However, it was marked as The Phenom’s last match as he decided to hang up his wrestling boots and leave.

He has been making appearances outside WWE since retiring and entering the Hall of Fame. He appeared at Comic Con and had his one-man show in Nashville before SummerSlam. Callaway is currently retired and spending time with his family.

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