Kerry Katona warns Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox off OnlyFans after they tease shoot

Former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona said Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian would ‘make an absolute kil**ng’ if they joined OnlyFans

Kerry Katona joked about being put out of business on OnlyFans after Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian teased a sexy photoshoot.

Jennifer’s Body star Megan recently took to her Instagram page to share a few behind-the-scenes polaroids of her saucy SKIMS shoot with pal Kourtney.

In the caption, she teased: “BTS of my skims shoot with Kourtney. Should we start an OnlyFans?”

Kerry, who built a £1 million empire from OnlyFans, said the beautiful duo would ‘make an absolute ki**ing’ if they joined the subscription-based website.

However, she also worried about them taking business away from everyone else.

“I love seeing more people sign up to OnlyFans – it makes it feel even more inclusive,” the former Atomic Kitten singer wrote.

Kerry Katona warns Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox off OnlyFans after they tease shoot

Kerry Katona warns Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox off OnlyFans after they tease shoot ( 

“Can you imagine how much Megan and Kourtney would make from that? Their bodies are so beautiful, they would make an absolute k**ing – fair play to them if they did do it.

She added in her new Magazine column: “But they would put the rest of us out of business.”

Kerry bounced back from bankruptcy and became an OnlyFans millionaire thanks to her saucy pictures.

Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian

Megan recently shared BTS photos of her Skims photoshoot with Kourtney ( 

Image: instagram.com/meganfox)

Megan Fox

They joked about joining OnlyFans ( 

Image: instagram.com/meganfox)

The star previously spoke about the OnlyFans success and said she’s ‘so, so proud’.

“People are quick to say, ‘She’s desperate’ if I get out a bit of nipple, but I’ve made my first million since bankruptcy and I’m so, so proud,” said Kerry.

“If it wasn’t for OnlyFans I wouldn’t have had money to invest in myself and in making more companies,” she added.

Kerry built a £1million empire on OnlyFans ( 

Image: Instagram/ @kerrykatona7)

Kerry Katona

She said the duo would make an ‘absolute k^^ng’ on the sit ( 

Meanwhile, Kerry has recently been focusing on losing weight after seeing pictures of herself at the beach.

The star took to Instagram Live to share her plans as she exercised on a treadmill at home last week.

“I want all of you to follow me on this journey. I’m going to document everything that I do. I’m going to lose this weight once and for f***ing all. I’m going to lose it.”

She then told followers she’s turning 42 soon and added: “I’m not as young as I used to be, it’s not as easy to keep it off.

At one point during the video, Kerry told fans: “I’m just f***ing fat. I love my food, I do but I love my kids more. I want to be around for a long, long time.”

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