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Settle Paradigm lawsuit before fighting again, Chavit tells Pacquiao

MANILA, Philippines – Former Ilocos Sur Gov. Luis Crisologo “Chavit” Singson has advised former senator and boxing icon Manny Pacquiao to settle his lawsuit first with Paradigm Sports Management (PSM) before accepting exhibition fight offers.

The 43-year-old Pacquiao has signed on to fight Korean YouTuber DK Yoo in an exhibition bout set in December, the proceeds of which would go to charity.

But Singson, 81, believes that it is high time for the 43-year-old Pacquiao to first reach out to those people who last year faced a setback by his decision not to fight under PSM brand despite having a signed contract.

“I think he really needs to fix his problem with Paradigm Sports Management first before accepting any tune-up fights,” Singson said. “I don’t have any knowledge about the lawsuit, but it’s better for Manny to settle it [pending court case] first than not.”

Pacquiao was sued by PSM of CEO Audie Attar before the Superior Court of California for alleged breach of contract last year. PSM is seeking to recover $3.3 million it claims it paid Pacquiao in advance for a fight PSM is eyeing for the boxer.

The court case is ongoing in California.

“He really needs to settle all those problems — not only the court case but also his other concerns to other people — so that he can get a good tune-up fight,” Singson added. “If there’s no hindrance, that would be nice.”

Meanwhile, Pacquiao’s former confidante Jayke Joson echoed Singson’s sentiments, adding that it is only right for the future boxing hall of famer to resolve all his problems first before doing any fights.

“Manong Chavit knows the ins and outs of life. He’s been in many struggles and won all the fights he encountered. I agree with him that Manny should settle his issue with Paradigm first before entertaining any offers,” Joson said.

Singson, also a highly respected business tycoon, earlier brought up a possible exhibition opponent for Pacquiao — retired 6-foot-4 heavyweight mixed martial artist Bob Sapp — once everything is settled for good.

Sapp, 48, and Singson recently paid a visit to Pacquiao’s house, but no formal agreement was made.

“This fight will earn him millions of money if it happens. But again, he needs to settle his court case first in the US,” Singson said.

The politician-businessman also downplayed Pacquiao’s upcoming bout Yoo.

“That’s nothing. He will not earn big money there because that’s not a champion and not popular,” Singson said. “Bob [Sapp] is definitely the fight Manny needs, or a super fight with famous MMA UFC fighter Connor McGregor.”

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