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“F*k*ng Movie Stars”: The Undertaker and His Iconic Rival, Who Took J@bs at His Wife, Received Unlikely Praise from ‘Critical’ WWE Legend

The Undertaker had a legendary WWE career that ended at WrestleMania 36 against AJ Styles in a Boneyard match. The match received positive reviews from critics and was loved by fans around the world.

The Phenom and The Phenomenal One gave stellar performances. However, one wrestling legend doesn’t seem to like the match in the ‘wrestling’ sense. He called the match a Hollywood movie rather than calling it wrestling.

A couple of years ago, Jim Cornette on his Drive Thru podcast called the Boneyard match at WrestleMania 36, a Hollywood movie. He called The Undertaker and AJ Styles movie actors making a movie.

Cornette said, “It’s not wrestling. How do you critique a wrestling match that is not wrestling? This proves what I’ve always said, and we talked about here the last couple of weeks about the boys being better than Hollywood stuntmen because they do things in one take without the benefit of camera angles because they have an audience on all four sides of them.”

He added, “And that’s been borne out by a lot of people that have worked in movies. This looked better than most movie fights. But it wasn’t wrestling! Both these guys looked like movie f**king stars. You would have bought this in the theater. But it wasn’t f**king wrestling.”

It was the first WWE cinematic match that received positive reviews from the wrestling community. In the current generation of professional wrestling, cinematic matches are becoming extremely popular. Moreover, many promotions and companies are trying to embrace this type of match.

Jim Cornette is a person who prefers wrestling in a ring with fans cheering around. However, he also said that the match was good because of the masterful camera work and cinematography, and acknowledged the two wrestlers as “fu*king movie stars”.

Jim Cornette says it was Mark Calaway, not The Undertaker

After giving his take on the match, Jim Cornette had more views on The Undertaker. He said the match did not showcase The Undertaker; it had Mark Calaway having a WWE match.

He said, “The Undertaker should be a badass action f**king movie star. Because once The Undertaker started talking like Mark, who is a badass in real life, you could buy him in the same kind of movies that Steve Austin and the f**king Rock have made. But it wasn’t f**king wrestling.”

Cornette did not believe that it was Taker in the match. In the end, he told that the plot was AJ Styles saying a bunch of horrible things, and Michelle McCool and The Deadman had to get even.


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However, he claims WWE did this by filming a movie turning Taker into Mark Calaway. Moreover, Cornette denies accepting the Boneyard match as wrestling.

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