The Undertaker

Latest On WWE’s Plans For The Undertaker

Here's how WWE views The Undertaker's legacy and contributions in 2022.

WWE officials are reportedly very happy with The Undertaker’s work since retiring from the ring.

PWInsider reports that the company wants to put plans in place for more ‘Taker spoken word shows over the next few years. The icon will be in Cardiff for the latest “1 deadMAN SHOW” before Clash At The Castle, and he’s also booked in for a similar date before Extreme Rules in Philadelphia next month.

That might not be all WWE has planned though.

The website also detailed behind the scenes talks about different ways to use The Undertaker brand going forwards. No, the legend won’t be stepping back between the ropes for a match or two (he probably won’t even appear on programming in character), but ‘Taker’s enduring popularity means his brand is a goldmine.

WWE know there’s money to be made here, in other words, and they plan on making it.

The Undertaker’s story remains one of the most fascinating WWE has to offer. This is a dude who pretty much stayed in character from 1990-retirement, and people can’t get enough of hearing him shoot from the hip as plain old Mark Calaway.

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