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Yokozuna & 8 Other WWE Superstars Were Scared Of The Undertaker

The Undertaker struck fear in the hearts of everyone who crossed his path, and these wrestlers felt his wrath.

When you’ve been digging holes and taking souls for over thirty years, you’ve earned your reputation as one of the best. When you’re The Undertaker, you’ve also acquired the reputation of being off the most fearsome competitors as well. If there’s anything scarier than an undead zombie from beyond the grave, is one that wrestles.

Several of The Deadman’s greatest foes were actually terrified of either death, coffins, The Undertaker or any combination of the three. They all attempted to face their fears and all got buried for their troubles, as The Phenom struck fear in their hearts before overcoming them in the ring.


While referees and journeymen had been running in fear from The Phenom for several years, Kamala was the one of the first big monster heels to run away from The Undertaker.

For years, The Ugandan Giant was the kind of wrestler that caused fans and opponents to fun screaming for the hills. But when he saw The Deadman, he ran all over the arenas to get away from The Phenom and tried very hard to avoid getting buried by him.


Since his debut in late 1992, The Mighty Yokozuna had steamrolled over anyone and everyone in his path. At the 1993 Survivor Series, he was one team standing across the ring against The Undertaker. Fans found out real quick just how scared Yoko was of The Phenom.

A few months later, it took several heels to help Yokozuna defeat ‘Taker and retain the WWE Title. When The Deadman finally returned, he also finally defeated Yoko in their return Casket Match at Survivor Series.


Every so often, even the biggest and the baddest superstars are afraid of The Undertaker, or at the very least, their own mortality. On the road to WrestleMania 12, Diesel had cost The Undertaker a shot at being the WWE Champion and the stage was set for their match at The Showcase Of The Immortals.

On one occasion, Paul Bearer wheeled a casket to the ring, presumably meant for Big Daddy Cool. But when he opened the casket, Diesel was already in the coffin, staring at himself.


As one of The Lord Of Darkness’ former Acolytes, JBL knew just how dangerous The Undertaker could be. Especially when he was on the hunt for The WWE Title, which at the time, JBL was in the midst of his one-historic reign.

At SummerSlam 2004, JBL did all he could to survive, which led to The Deadman getting disqualified, but due to JBL’s cheating. Teddy Long immediately set up a rematch for the two at No Mercy – A Last Ride match. The Wrestling God faced his fear and survived the match, and retained the title.

Randy Orton

While Randy Orton was one of the first real superstars that was a credible threat to The Streak, he too was terrified of The Undertaker during certain points of their feud. After Randy And Cowboy Bob Orton defeated The Undertaker in a Casket match, the Ortons had thought they were rid of their fears.

That was until The Reaper returned at the Survivor Series 2005, literally out of a flaming casket to wreak havoc and revenge.

Teddy Long

When he wasn’t making all sorts of tag team matches, Teddy Long was trying to do his best as the GM of SmackDown. At Breaking Point, CM Punk had tapped out to the Hell’s Gate submission, but Teddy let the fans know that the move has been banned and Punk eventually won and retained the title – despite The Undertaker not actually tapping out to The Anaconda Vice.

A few nights later on SmackDown, The Reaper exacted his revenge as he was able to kidnap a terrified Teddy, driving off with him in a limo.


You wouldn’t think that The Undertaker’s own evil brother would be scared of him, but The Phenom had been purposely or inadvertently plaguing Kane’s very psyche for years. Kane was able to help Mr. McMahon of all people bury The Deadman alive. Needless to say The Big Red Machine couldn’t quite shake the feeling that he didn’t get the job done.

Then the bell began to toll for Kane at the 2004 Royal Rumble. It kept ringing and a disbelieving, fearful Kane refused to believe The Phenom was returning until he did at WrestleMania 20.

Stephanie McMahon

During The Attitude Era, as nearly every superstar got more realistic with their gimmick, The Deadman went the other way and became The Lord Of Darkness.

The Undertaker wanted full control of the WWE and was hellbent on doing anything and everything to do it. That meant famously kidnaping sweet and innocent Stephanie, clamping onto his symbol and trying to marry her. Thank goodness for ol’ Stone Cold to man up and stop Taker’s insane attempt.

The Ultimate Warrior

Who would have ever though that the neon-colored Warrior would have the capacity to think, let alone be scared of anything? But the animal known as The Ultimate Warrior wasn’t just terrified of The Deadman, he was taught the very nature of fear.

After The Phenom locked him in a coffin and literally left him for dead, he tried to face his fears via Jake The Snake Roberts. It was all to set up a massive feud, but Warrior decided to hold the company up for money at SummerSlam 1991.

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